[Rushtalk] Pink Swastika- Homosexuality in the Nazi Party by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams

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More proof that Hitler was a liberal.  Have fun beating up liberals with
this one.

Pink Swastika- Homosexuality in the Nazi Party by Scott Lively and Kevin



The Pink Swastika is a very revealing book detailing the essentially
unreported fact that homosexuals were largely responsible for the
founding and guiding of the Nazi Party. This book explains the fact
that; while it is true that Nazis persecuted some homosexuals, this
persecution was not because the Nazi Party opposed homosexuality, but
only because those particular homosexuals posed a political threat to
Hitler. Homosexuals were only targeted as an embarrassing nuisance. The
Pink Swastika destroys the myth that homosexuals were persecuted just as
the Jews were. The Pink Swastika does a good job of debunking the
myth that there was a gay holocaust. The Pink Swastika is fully
We must read The Pink Swastika to understand history correctly. With all
of the history of World War Two that is available, The Pink Swastika
exposes a little known side of history, which shows how an ignorant
population can suffer an undesirable future. Just as the homosexual Nazi
movement took over Germany, America is now being attacked by the same
culture war that ran the german people into tyranny. It would be easy to
just decide to "let sleeping dogs lie", but we are not being allowed to
avoid this topic. It is constantly being forced on the American public.
Now, more than ever before, we are fortunate that the authors have made
this material available.  
To understand the future we must study history. The Pink Swastika helps
us to understand how America is being attacked by the same type of
culture war that was used to deceive and destroy the German nation, and
to bring the world into war. The Pink Swastika exposes; not only what
was going on within the nazi development, but also in other history as
The Pink Swastika presents a more accurate historical picture of the
assassination of Roehm and "the night of the long knives" weekend of
June 1934. There is no evidence that "the night of the long knives" was
a homosexual purge, but rather a request from elements of the army to
get rid of the Brown shirts, as they were a threat to the power of the
army and Hitler. 
Read in The Pink Swastika how the homosexual Nazi organization went to
great lengths to destroy all records of their sexual practices. Shirer's
classic "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" revealed much about "the
night of the long knives". It was shown that, when Hitler purged members
of the Brownshirts, who posed a political threat to him, they found some
of them in bed with young men. 
A remarkable fact revealed in the Pink Swastika, was that some of
newsreel footage of Nazi's burning books was actually the destruction
of records of facilities which were treating many of the Nazi leaders
for their various sexual perversions. 
Surely, the Nazi machine did not want this to ever come to light. The
Pink Swastika is heavily referenced with material written by homosexual
writers. The Pink Swastika will be hated by the Gay movement and
dismissed as Fascist homophobic propaganda. 
In today's political environment, historic fact is often obscured by the
drive for "political correctness".  Often easily provable facts are not
be disseminated.  The author's of these writings were attacked and
thrown into the same old "homophobe" category as all others who
presented clear evidence that the gay agenda has been historically
disastrous to cultures and societies.
This is a fascinating book and a must read to all for all of those who
want to go below the surface of many claims made about persecution of
gays in the Third Reich. Highly recommended. 

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