[Rushtalk] Chilling Video May Show NATO Member State Greeting and Providing Refuge to ISIS Militants

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At 12:19 PM 12/10/2015, Carl Spitzer wrote:
>Video May Show NATO Member State Greeting and 
>Providing Refuge to ISIS Militants
>Amateur video taken at the Turkish-Syrian border 
>appears to show Turkish soldiers greeting ISIS 
>militants with open arms. By 
>Syrmopoulos / 
><http://thefreethoughtproject.com/>The Free Thought Project December 2, 2015
>  The amateur footage reportedly shows ISIS 
> militants and Turkish border guards holding a 
> relaxed conversation near the Syrian city of 
> Kobane, according to the Daily Mail.
>Photo Credit: screenshot via YouTube/bloodburgerearth
>A video that seemingly bolsters Russian claims 
>of Turkish government complicity with the 
>Islamic State, highlights the casual relations 
>between the terror group and Turkish officials.
>Turkey has been accused of being one of the main 
>benefactors of the ISIS terror group, accused of 
>providing logistics, financing and military 
>hardware. These accusations are particularly 
>startling as Turkey is a member of NATO, a 
>collective security group obligated to go to war 
>if a member state is attacked. It would be a 
>seemingly dangerous proposition to allow a state 
>that basically props up the Islamic State, which 
>then uses the group as a geopolitical weapon, to 
>be in such a strategically important group.
>The amateur footage reportedly shows ISIS 
>militants and Turkish border guards holding a 
>relaxed conversation near the Syrian city of 
>Kobane, according to the Daily Mail. The amateur 
>footage, taken near Zarova Hill on the outskirts 
>of Kobane, was uploaded to YouTube on October 28, 2014.
>According to the report in the Daily Mail:
>It appears to show two heavily armed militants 
>wandering nonchalantly up to the Turkish border 
>fence – displaying shocking bravado as they smile and wave at the camera.
>They are met by what appears to be a military 
>vehicle full of security officials who, despite 
>carrying weapons themselves, do little more than 
>break into conversation with the jihadis, who 
>eventually wander off back into Syria while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

>The clip begins with the two apparent jihadists 
>lighting fires near a group of cars, which are 
>believed to have been abandoned by desperate 
>Kurdish families who fled Kobane in recent weeks 
>when ISIS militants stepped up their attacks on the city.
>After appearing to realise they are being filmed 
>from inside Turkey, the pair start walking 
>towards the border fence, stopping only to 
>mockingly wave at the amateur filmmaker.
>As they reach the border fence, an armoured 
>military vehicle belonging to Turkish border 
>guards speeds up to meet them. Heavily armed 
>officials jump out the back of the car and – 
>after briefly talking on their radios, simply engage the men in conversation.
>At one point the situation appears tense and a 
>border guard scampers towards the militants with 
>his gun briefly raised, but he stops seconds 
>later and also begins talking to the men.
>After several minutes chatting, the militants 
>wander off, defiantly raising their index finger 
>to the sky to represent jihadism while chanting 
>‘Allahu Akbar’ – a phrase that translates as ‘God is the greatest’.
>The Turkish government has repeatedly been 
>accused of being one of the largest state sponsors of the Islamic State.
>International security expert, Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, 
>has repeatedly documented the fact that Turkey acts as a state sponsor of ISIS.
>According to a report in Insurge Intelligence by Dr. Ahmed:
>Earlier this year, the Turkish daily Meydan 
>reported citing an Uighur source that more than 
>100,000 fake Turkish passports had been given to ISIS

>A senior Western official familiar with a large 
>cache of intelligence obtained this summer from 
>a major raid on an ISIS safehouse told the 
>Guardian that “direct dealings between Turkish 
>officials and ranking ISIS members was now 
>‘undeniable.’” The same official confirmed that 
>Turkey, a longstanding member of NATO, is not 
>just supporting ISIS, but also other jihadist 
>groups, including Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat 
>al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria

>Turkey has also played a key role in 
>facilitating the life-blood of ISIS’ expansion: 
>black market oil sales. Senior political and 
>intelligence sources in Turkey and Iraq confirm 
>that Turkish authorities have actively 
>facilitated ISIS oil sales through the country

>Last summer, Mehmet Ali Ediboglu, an MP from the 
>main opposition, the Republican People’s Party, 
>estimated the quantity of ISIS oil sales in 
>Turkey at about $800 million ­ that was over a year ago.
>By now, this implies that Turkey has facilitated 
>over $1 billion worth of black market ISIS oil sales to date.
>Turkey is a neo-Islamist regime bent on taking 
>out the Assad government in Syria through the 
>use of terrorist proxies and is working to 
>defend their terrorist allies in Syria.
>After the downing of the Russian fighter jet, 
>Russian President Vladimir Putin very succinctly 
>laid out what has been taking place, placing 
>blame directly on the Turkish government for the 
>continued growth of the Islamic State.
>“We have long been recording the movement of a 
>large amount of oil and petroleum products to 
>Turkey from Isis-occupied territories. This 
>explains the significant funding the terrorists 
>are receiving. Now they are stabbing us in the 
>back by hitting our planes that are fighting 
>terrorism. This is happening despite the 
>agreement we have signed with our American 
>partners to prevent air incidents, and, as you 
>know, Turkey is among those who are supposed to 
>be fighting terrorism within the American coalition

>If Isis is making so much money – we are talking 
>about tens or maybe even hundreds of millions, 
>possibly billions of dollars – in oil trade and 
>they are supported by the armed forces of an 
>entire state, it is clear why they are being so 
>daring and impudent, why they are killing people 
>in such gruesome ways, why they are committing 
>terrorist attacks all over the world, including 
>in the heart of Europe,” Putin said.
>The fact that NATO continues to allow membership 
>by Turkey, after their blatant support of the 
>Islamic State, should raise serious questions as to who we call our “allies.”
>If the U.S. truly wants to stop the Islamic 
>State then it would seem logical to call Turkey 
>out for its immense and continued state support of ISIS/Daesh.
>The fact remains that Turkey is one of the 
>biggest supporters of global terrorism and a member of NATO.
>Will the Western world really allow itself be 
>dragged into a potential global war due to an 
>alliance with the Turkish government who refuses 
>to cease their support for the Islamic State?
>[Editor's note: According to the Daily Mail, 
>on this story on October 28, the video in 
>question has not been independently verified.]
>Jay Syrmopoulos’ work has previously been 
>published on BenSwann.com and WeAreChange.org. 
>Follow him on Twitter <https://twitter.com/SirMetropolis>@sirmetropolis.
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