[Rushtalk] Obama Accepted $1.3M in Gifts Last Year from a Country Who Beheads more People than ISIS

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         I thought that this kinda stuff was supposed to be illegal?!?  -  jaq

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>Obama Accepted $1.3M in Gifts Last Year from a Country Who Beheads 
>more People than ISIS
>Andrew Emett | 
>Free Thought 
>November 29, 2015
>Released a day before Thanksgiving, the U.S. Department of State 
>disclosed its annual list of gifts from foreign governments to 
>federal employees. Although the State Department publicly condemned 
>Saudi Arabia for numerous human rights violations, the Saudi king 
>gave President Obama and his family roughly $1.35 million in gifts last year.
>According to the 
>of the Federal Register, many world leaders offered the president 
>and multiple other federal employees lavish gifts throughout 2014. 
>While British Prime Minister David Cameron gave Obama a photograph 
>and facsimile telegram from Winston Churchill estimated at $440, 
>Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud offered First Lady 
>Michelle Obama $1.13 million in jewelry sets. As Prince William 
>pompously gave the president a signed photographic portrait of 
>Prince William valued at $888, the Saudi King sent $80,000 jewelry 
>sets to Obama's daughters.
>The Saudi government also gave the president two gold wristwatches 
>valued at $85,240. Leading the international community in attempting 
>to whore out our commander-in-chief, the Saudi king also presented 
>Obama with a gold-plated brass replica of the Makkah Clock Tower on 
>marble base estimated at $57,000.
>Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered a $440 photograph 
>of the first American consulate in Jerusalem circa 1888, while 
>Palestinian President Dr. Mahmoud Abbas gave Obama an ornate 
>metallic disc plaque valued at $625. The Iraqi government sent a 
>vase worth $430.
>Instead of giving alms to the poor, Pope Francis presented Obama 
>with a bronze medal valued at $1,015. His Eminence Cardinal Pietro 
>Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See, gave the president a 
>folio of lithographs worth $1,707.
>On January 5, 2014, the Saudi king gave a $19,628 silver wristwatch 
>to White House Staff Member Prem Kumar. He also sent $8,170 gold 
>wristwatches to White House Staff Members Philip Gordon, Rob Malley, 
>and Ben Rhodes. With no sense of dignity or integrity, the Saudi 
>government also gave Dr. Susan Rice a gold wristwatch and figurine 
>valued at $6,340.
>Before passing away earlier this year, King Abdullah reportedly 
>spent over 
>million on U.S. lobbyists in 2013. According to the State 
>Department's 2014 human rights report, the Saudi government 
>physically abuses detainees, holds political prisoners, denies due 
>process, commits arbitrary arrests, and restricts freedom of 
>expression. While allowing corrupt government officials to operate 
>with impunity, the Saudis also beheaded Mohammad bin Bakr al-Alawi, 
>a Saudi national, for practicing 
>Although the State Department listed several gifts to CIA Director 
>John Brennan and multiple anonymous agency employees, the donors' 
>names have been redacted because "such information could adversely 
>affect United States intelligence sources or methods." Besides 
>receiving a $10,000 Omega men's watch, Brennan was also given a 
>$7,500 decorative rug. While world leaders openly gave the president 
>books, a CIA employee received an unidentified series of children's 
>books valued at $832.13. For some reason, the kid's books were 
>"retained for official use."
>Fortunately, the First Family cannot keep any of these gifts without 
>paying market value for them when Obama leaves office. According to 
>U.S. law, the president must pay for the gifts/bribes or turn them 
>over to the National Archives or other organizations for storage or 
>display. According to the State Department, non-acceptance of the 
>gifts "would cause embarrassment to the donor and U.S. Government."
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