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Please do not bitch about the date just read the article the political
courage it shows is sorely lacking in America.

The Association For British Muslims


                         [© Sadiq Alloo 1999.]
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                             By Sadiq Alloo

There has been a lot of discussion lately on the issue of

There is a tendency, ever so slight, among some of us to make this
behavior acceptable in the name of fairness and tolerance. On the other
hand there are those who would suggest summary execution of those
engaging in homosexual behavior. This confusing message can be a danger
in that it can erode and dilute some of our basic values. Let me preface
my suggestions to develop an effective way to address this very
sensitive and critical issue with some background information.

Homosexuality is, of course, not a new behavior. It has existed in
practically all cultures and among all people, but usually in fewer
numbers and in secrecy, not with an "in your face" attitude as it does
in the West now. Unfortunately this is the reality of the times we live
in, especially in the Western societies, and we need to deal with it.

The Homosexual, or the 'gay' as they call themselves in an attempt to
polish their image, constitutes a very active and powerful lobby group.
They have strong political and social ties and access to the elites of
the society, especially in the US, up to and including President
Clinton. Even though the majority of the people in the US believes that
homosexual behavior is wrong, it is intriguing, but nevertheless
remarkable, that the homosexuals have gained public acceptance for their
behavior in a very short period of time. This acceptance by the US
public is a reflection of people who are committed to their cause and
give due thought, time, money and effort to achieve their purpose,
though a wrong one.

The homosexuals' agenda is a very simple one to make their behavior
acceptable as normal, and in the process recruit more to their ranks.
They have a sophisticated and multifaceted campaign to achieve their
goals. These include active participation in social and political issues
other than their immediate ones, like feeding the hungry and dealing
with human right issues. They promote their agenda through legislation,
presenting themselves as victims of prejudice and discrimination,
helping to enact the Gender Discrimination Act, legalizing and securing
full benefits for same gender marriage, funding research similar to the
hypothalamus issue (which shows a genetic propensity to homosexuality),
teaching at even kindergarten level that the two-male or the two female
can make a family unit which is an acceptable alternative that is even
comparable to the traditional Mom and Pop family, religious and moral
blurring on the stand by establishing gay churches and synagogues, etc.

They have been known to protest at churches and mosques who have dared
to even mention that homosexuality is a deviant behavior and is morally
wrong and all this in a successful effort to intimidate and silence
their critics. No politician now dares take a clear stand against
homosexuality, even if it contradicts his belief and values, for the
fear of incurring the wrath of the homosexuals. No one wants to be
labeled as "homophobic". Since politicians as such are not known for
having a strong backbone or taking a strong stand on moral grounds in
the first place, this entrenches them dangerously to the wrong side of
the issue.

The most effective milestone in the homosexual movement, was probably
when, in 1976, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) declared that
homosexuality was no longer to be considered an illness but was to be
regarded merely as an orientation or a sexual variant. The rest, as they
say, is history. This made a lot of people very suspicious of the
scientific community, who went against known scientific data that the
homosexual behavior can be changed. Even though the APA has taken an
official stand, this debate continues and many prominent members of APA
oppose this stand. Again this has happened and continues to happen even
in religious circles, amongst Muslims and others, where experts or
priests make pronouncements in favor of those from whom they stand to
gain favors at the expense of the masses and against clear moral and/or
scientific stands supporting the contrary or opposite views.

The strength of the movement was demonstrated by the outbreak of AIDS.
Up to that point in history, there was a standard to deal with ALL
communicable diseases. The scientifically developed and tested system
that is in place to contain communicable diseases was bypassed with
political muscle. As a result, the disease spread very rapidly and
affected many innocent lives through blood supply and other preventable
methods whose implementation was suppressed politically. AIDS, a
communicable disease up to that point that mainly affected the
homosexuals, was forced to become a political issue and became the
exception to the rule. The innocent were put at risk and their lives
made a living hell, some were even lost just for a political gain. The
lie that is being promoted is that AIDS is equally rampant amongst the
heterosexuals as it is amongst the homosexuals. Statistics contradicts
this statement. 

The homosexual movement has a strong network of support groups who
encourage each other to "come out of the closet", thus advancing and
actively promoting this behavior. They thrive on conflict amongst the
family and/or community members. They have been known to provide moral,
psychological, social, and financial support to any one of their own who
is making the transition into their lifestyle or who is "coming out of
the closet", so to speak.

They use proven methodologies in changing social acceptability and
behavior towards themselves. Like the shows on television, they will
introduce the radical issue which will provoke a hue and cry from all
quarters the first time out, the second time there is less and in
subsequent times the opposition will die out. They then discuss, or
frame the issue as it is known, to convince us of their legitimacy and
how wrong, narrow minded and bigoted all these moralists are. The trick
is to say it enough times, and what was once a taboo to even talk about
is becoming normal, acceptable, and even desirable to more and more

They now have an annually "Gay Pride Parade" in many US cities with full
fledged TV coverage. A "Gay Pride Month" has been established in some
school districts to remove bigotry and prejudice. Additionally, colleges
and universities have a profound impact on the intellectual development
of our young people. It is the time in their lives when new and
independent thoughts are introduced, incubate, and develop. However,
most of these institutions are a bedrock of secular extremism and
promote all other values except the Divine ones. In these circles, it is
politically and socially acceptable to talk about, promote and
experiment with all behaviors, homosexuality included, but to discuss
and further Divine values is considered being close minded and narrow.

The argument from some of the elities of these institutions is that we
need to adhere to the separation of Church and State, which has
historical merit. In fact, it is obvious to most observers that what is
meant is to take God out of the equation and confine Him to the walls of
homes, mosques, churches, and synagogues only. We, the youths and the
parents, all need to be aware of these trends so as to enable us to
develop an effective way to deal with these issues and inoculate
ourselves against harmful behaviors. 

This is a summary of our study of the homosexual movement that we
undertook to try and understand various movements, religious and those
based on other various causes, that have succeeded to transform
themselves from being the abhorred or persecuted groups to becoming key
players in the American society. The Homosexual Movement is one of them,
the others are Irish Catholics, Quakers, etc. 

The reason for providing the background information here is to first to
come to grips with the sophisticated nature of the problem, and know
whom we and our youths are dealing with. The second is to enable us to
formulate an effective response to it. 

Our discussion here of homosexuality is a reflection of the success of
their movement to force us to address this as an issue, even though we
would rather not. We do not know how many can claim, with any degree of
certainty, the pervasiveness of this behavior amongst our community
members. We are for sure affected by the society in which we live,
however I think on this score, we as a community, have not yet been too
adversely affected. In our studies of the youths of Toronto, which was
subsequently published in a book entitled "Muslim Youths at the
Crossroads, Advancing into the 21st Century", we did not see this as a
major problem. This does not mean that it has not developed into a
problem now, or that we do not need to address this as an issue now. 

I believe that any discussion needs to take into consideration the

      * We as Muslims need to state unequivocally and unambiguously that
        homosexuality is a deviant behavior and that there is not even
        an iota of doubt that Islam condemns the behavior.
      * The most important thing for us as Muslims is that Islam is not
        our ethnicity, it is our religion which regulates our lives and
        from which we derive our values.
      * Even though our religion allows us latitude, more than most, to
        ponder and reconsider some issues, homosexuality is clearly and
        explicitly condemned by the Quran (Al A'raaf, 7:80-83; Houd,
        11:77-79)1, the Prophet, and his progeny.
      * When we have a conflict with the Quran, which is the Word of God
        verbatim, we do not ask where the Quran went wrong but rather
        why are we, limited beings, in conflict with the Wisdom of the
        Absolute, God Almighty. 
      * As Muslims we do not make up our religion, but we receive it and
        we obey it.

Thus stated, we need to clarify that it does not mean that we hate the
homosexual person but rather that we find the behavior abhorent. We want
to help with sensitivity and care whoever has these tendencies, or
practices such behavior. We can further point out the following: 

      * God has created everything in pairs each endowed with physical
        and psychological characteristics to complement and complete one
        another. The Quran (An Nisaa, 4:1)2 indicates that human beings
        have been created from one living entity (nafs), which
        represents the origin of both the male and the female. The human
        species though has included male and female since its existence.
        The "mating" or "spousing" of male and female sexes is original
        in human nature and out of this instinctive relationship the
        human race develops, continues and spreads. 
      * Between the two sexes a gravitating combination of love,
        tenderness, and care is engendered, so that each finds in the
        other completeness, tranquillity, and support (Quran, Ar Roum,
        30:21)3. Having children and loving them represents another
        fulfillment of the human nature (Quran, Ash Shoura, 42:49-50)4. 
      * It is through this spousal complementation and completion,
        according to the Quran (Al A'raaf, 7:189)5, that each spouse
        achieves comfort, and enjoys peace of mind, satisfaction, and
        fulfillment. These relationships extend beyond the physical
        sexual contact and to psychological, spiritual relations. 
      * The blessings of this completeness are not ended by their
        accomplishment, but they continue and develop through bringing
        forth children, raising them, and providing the whole family
        with material, emotional, and moral needs. 
      * The pleasures of completion and procreation may well be extended
        and multiplied, when one is granted grand children, who not only
        represent genealogical continuation, but are also a dynamic
        revitalization of the human race.

Such physical-psychological-spiritual development through spousing and
mating, followed by procreation, that may continue for more than one
generation, ought to lead every sensible human being to be grateful to
God for His successive and multiplying favors with his own family
throughout his lifetime. Such persons and their happy veritable families
would be models for the whole society (Quran, Al Furqaan, 25:72)6. 

One of the criteria, or litmus tests, of a behavior that is beneficial
to humanity at large is, "what if the action that you are promoting is
exercised by a majority of the people of the world? Will it advance
humanity or will it retard it?" In this case human beings will cease to

If there is any truth to the claim that the male homosexual behavior
could be genetic, how about the bisexuals and the lesbians? They for
sure are making a choice and by our standards a wrong one too. 

The debate and the argument advanced by the homosexuals is "Be what you
are," and "do not be ashamed of it". Many unsuspecting youths then start
to experiment, to "discover" what they really are. They are in fact
being unwittingly, and in their most suggestible period of growth, led
astray with the power of suggestion and a convoluted logic. Whoever we
are, whatever one might be, it is ennobling to always try to do what is

Even if there is a genetic propensity towards homosexuality, it is the
nobility of the human spirit that can overcome it. There are suggestions
that alcoholics are genetically pre-disposed to their behavior.
Furthermore, some people are inherently prone to take risks, which is an
essential element for human progress and development. This
pre-disposition to risk-taking behavior can easily lead to the
destructive behavior of gambling. We do not encourage the people with a
propensity to alcoholism or gambling to keep on indulging in these
vices, but rather encourage them to resist and overcome them. We should
do the same with homosexual feelings and tendencies. Whether one has the
orientation or harbors "homosexual genes," one's feelings and desires
cannot dictate behavior. One may have a strong urge to have a homosexual
contact, a heterosexual contact with one other than one's own spouse, or
to steal or kill. The nobility of the human spirit is to resist, and
this is what elevates the human being to the status above that of the

There is a period during our growth process where we are most
comfortable with and try to bond with persons of the same gender. Some
carry this behavior to an extreme and experiment with homosexuality.
Some Psychiatrists still believe that those who continue with the
homosexual behavior are really arrested in their development process.
They avoid or are afraid to continue with the normal psychological
growth. This condition is treatable by psychotherapy. 

The reality of the society requires that we argue our positions, and
deal with issues, as they prevail using some of the existing societal
rationale. Though the thinking may fall short of our ideal, it can be an
effective start in changing and moving the debate closer to our
viewpoint and values. The following two points are made with this
thought in mind. 

As Muslims, we identify and instinctly come to the defense of any
individuals or groups who are discriminated against. This reaction is
due to our foundational value and commitment to justice, and also from
our own contemporary experiences, as individuals and as members of a
group, who have suffered from discrimination and vilification. 

While we abhor acts of discrimination against individuals or groups, we
also place a high value on discretion. The individual's right of choice
is a fundamental value and necessary condition for each individual to be
accountable to God for his/her own actions. God's guidance secures the
balance between the individual's and societal rights. No one has a right
to spy into the private lives and affairs of individuals. Even when
these private affairs should incidentally be known, the admonition is to
keep them private and protect those involved. 

However, when one openly declares one's sexual orientation, a private
matter, and then demands special consideration because of it, we find
this an affront to the society's well being. There are already
safeguards and protections under the law against discrimination which
includes heterosexuals and homosexuals. To demand further special rights
and consideration based on how or who we have sex with, and claim it to
be a civil rights issue, is ludicrous. To compare with and demand
special protection as those who have been persecuted for their national
origin, race, color, or creed and religious beliefs is baseless and has
no historical or social justification or parallels. We will then have to
accede similar special demands for protection and single out groups
varying from those who want to have heterosexual relations to those who
are left handed, when they are all currently protected under existing

We are committed to uphold the family unit and its values, and
protection of it as a durable, proven, most important and socially
viable nucleus of any society. There is a continual struggle and effort
to maintain the balance between an individual's right and society's well
being. We place a higher value on the society's well being than an
individual's right to actively promote counter values that will
ultimately damage the society at large. We therefore have a right to
resist and ensure the protection of our values against such an
onslaught. This resistance should never be an aggression against any
individual or groups, but a firm and principled stand against the
counter values being promoted, while promoting our values in a kinder
and gentler fashion with conviction. We have, indeed, a duty to promote
divine wisdom and values that will advance humanity and that have
withstood the test of time. 

Homosexuality is an issue that concerns most mainstream Christians and
Jews and we all share a common value. It can provide an opportunity to
work together for the common good of the society at large. 

We, as Muslims, have the benefit and blessings of Divine Guidance and
Wisdom. The Quran reminds us that Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) will
change the condition of the people only if they themselves put forth the
effort (Ar Ra'd, 13:11)7.

If the homosexuals can promote their wrong values with vigor and
succeed, we have a duty and a responsibility to not only make an effort
to arrest this trend, but also to invest our time, energy, and resources
to promote the divine values with as much zeal. Our challenge is to
explore and find ways to resist and counter this movement amongst our
own families, immediate community, the Muslim Ummah, and the whole of
humanity. This is our destiny and the challenge of the times we live in.
Action more than rhetoric will make us worthy of Allah's (subhanahu wa
ta'ala) Help and Mercy and will endear us to Him. The question is what
are you, and in turn all of us collectively, going to do to promote our
values, and counter this threat? 


Alloo, Sadiq, Muslim Youths at the Crossroads, Advancing into the 21st
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© Sadiq Alloo, 1999. All Rights reserved. *Reproduced with the
permission of the author, 27 August 1999.


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