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NBA Legend says Black People Need to "Stop Looking for a Handout"

By <http://eaglerising.com/author/onancoca/>Onan Coca / 16 February 
2015 / 
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Oh. My. Goodness.

This is not something that can ever come out of the mouth of a white 
person or probably even out of the mouth of a conservative black 
Malone was recently a guest on HuffPost Live with Marc Lamont Hill 
when the conversation turned to the comments made by fellow NBA Hall 
of Famer Charles Barkley a few months ago, in the middle of the 
Michael Brown saga.

Hill asked the former Utah Jazz star what he thought about the things 
that Barkley said (which happened to get Sir Charles in a lot of hot 
water with the black community), and Malone did not disappoint.

"I echo his sentiments exactly. We need to look in the mirror 
ourselves and stop waiting on someone to come march on our behalf. 
Take ownership ourself, make our community better and stop looking 
for a handout. Do something about it yourself that you can control.

Stop using the excuse about race. I am sick and tired that every time 
you turn around, that's what we dangle ... Our problem now is we do 
so much talking and beating things to death. Let's take ownership in 
ourselves ... stop waiting for someone to come in and march for us."

Wow. Watch Malone shock the world (and Marco Lamont Hill) with his opinion.

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