[Rushtalk] 4 US Cities Named "Most Violent" in the World... Here's the 1 Thing They Have in Common

Carl Spitzer lynux at keepandbeararms.com
Mon Jun 8 21:20:02 MDT 2015

4 US Cities Named “Most Violent” in the World…
Here’s the 1 Thing They Have in Common
{negro democrats}


Mexico’s “Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice”
recently compiled a list of the 50 most violent cities in the world, and
it is quite shocking.

It is important to note that this list did not include cities that are
within a “war zone,” and many cities simply do not report their murder

The United States has the disturbing honor of having four cities make
the list. Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore and St. Louis now have the
distinction of being some of the most deadly cities in the world.


The real kicker? All of these cities have been run by democrats
for decades!

Homicide rates in America have been declining nationwide, but these
cities can’t seem to join that trend thanks to their failed liberal
policies and administrations.


These cities also have the distinction of being at the top of the list
in terms of high poverty and single family homes. Once again, Democrats
at their best (H/T IJ Review).



As we saw in Baltimore recently, the problem lies in failed liberal
policies that lead to rampant poverty. Yet the Democrats in charge
refuse to take any of the blame and instead blame Republicans, even if
they haven’t been in power for decades.

Unfortunately, the citizens of these cities are also partially to blame
for this. They continuously elect leaders who do nothing to solve the
problems of their cities.

Take New Orleans for example. You’d think that after 145 years of
Democrat control, and 145 years of rampant poverty, the people of New
Orleans would realize something isn’t working.

Unfortunately, they keep insisting that Democrats know what is right and
will fix everything. Maybe in another 145 years they will — assuming
there is even a New Orleans left by then.

 Spread this everywhere. It’s time to take back these cities from the
Democrats and give the people a reason to hope again.

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