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>                 Sad but true!
>                                 YOU CAN'T TELL IT ANY BETTER THAN THIS
>                                 Please take a moment to digest this
>                                 provocative article by a Jewish Rabbi
>                                 from Teaneck , N.J. It is far and away
>                                 the most succinct and thoughtful
>                                 explanation of how our nation is
>                                 changing   . The article appeared in
>                                 The Israel National News, and is
>                                 directed to Jewish readership. 70% of
>                                 American Jews vote as Democrats. The
>                                 Rabbi has some interesting comments in
>                                 that regard. 
>                                            <ATT00001.gif> 
>                                 Rabbi Steven Pruzansky is the
>                                 spiritual leader of Congregation Bnai
>                                 Yeshurun in Teaneck, New Jersey
>                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>                                 "The most charitable way of explaining
>                                 the election results of 2012 is that
>                                 Americans voted for the status quo -
>                                 for the incumbent President and for a
>                                 divided Congress. They must enjoy
>                                 gridlock, partisanship, incompetence,
>                                 economic stagnation and avoidance of
>                                 responsibility. And fewer people
>                                 voted.
>                                 But as we awake from the nightmare, it
>                                 is important to eschew the facile
>                                 explanations for the Romney defeat
>                                 that will prevail among the chattering
>                                 classes. Romney did not lose because
>                                 of the effects of Hurricane Sandy that
>                                 devastated this area, nor did he lose
>                                 because he ran a poor campaign, nor
>                                 did he lose because the Republicans
>                                 could have chosen better candidates,
>                                 nor did he lose because Obama
>                                 benefited from a slight uptick in the
>                                 economy due to the business cycle.
>                                 Romney lost because he didn't get
>                                 enough votes to win.
>                                 That might seem obvious, but not for
>                                 the obvious reasons. Romney lost
>                                 because the conservative virtues - the
>                                 traditional American virtues – of
>                                 liberty, hard work, free enterprise,
>                                 private initiative and aspirations to
>                                 moral greatness - no longer inspire or
>                                 animate a majority of the electorate.
>                                 The simplest reason why Romney lost
>                                 was because it is impossible to
>                                 compete against free stuff.
>                                 Every businessman knows this; that is
>                                 why the "loss leader" or the giveaway
>                                 is such a powerful marketing tool.
>                                 Obama's America is one in which free
>                                 stuff is given away: the adults among
>                                 the 47,000,000 on food stamps clearly
>                                 recognized for whom they should vote,
>                                 and so they did, by the tens of
>                                 millions; those who - courtesy of
>                                 Obama - receive two full years of
>                                 unemployment benefits (which, of
>                                 course, both disincentives looking for
>                                 work and also motivates people to work
>                                 off the books while collecting their
>                                 windfall) surely know for whom to
>                                 vote. The lure of free stuff is
>                                 irresistible.
>                                 The defining moment of the whole
>                                 campaign was the revelation of the
>                                 secretly-recorded video in which
>                                 Romney acknowledged the difficulty of
>                                 winning an election in which "47% of
>                                 the people" start off against him
>                                 because they pay no taxes and just
>                                 receive money - "free stuff" - from
>                                 the government.  
>                                 Almost half of the population has no
>                                 skin in the game - they don't care
>                                 about high taxes, promoting business,
>                                 or creating jobs, nor do they care
>                                 that the money for their free stuff is
>                                 being borrowed from their children and
>                                 from the Chinese.  
>                                 They just want the free stuff that
>                                 comes their way at someone else's
>                                 expense. In the end, that 47% leaves
>                                 very little margin for error for any
>                                 Republican, and does not bode well for
>                                 the future.
>                                 It is impossible to imagine a
>                                 conservative candidate winning against
>                                 such overwhelming odds. People do vote
>                                 their pocketbooks. In essence, the
>                                 people vote for a Congress who will
>                                 not raise their taxes, and for a
>                                 President who will give them free
>                                 stuff, never mind who has to pay for
>                                 it.
>                                 That engenders the second reason why
>                                 Romney lost: the inescapable
>                                 conclusion that the electorate is
>                                 ignorant and uninformed. Indeed, it
>                                 does not pay to be an informed voter,
>                                 because most other voters - the clear
>                                 majority – are unintelligent and
>                                 easily swayed by emotion and raw
>                                 populism. That is the indelicate way
>                                 of saying that too many people vote
>                                 with their hearts and not their heads.
>                                 That is why Obama did not have to
>                                 produce a second term agenda, or even
>                                 defend his first-term record. He
>                                 needed only to portray Mitt Romney as
>                                 a rapacious capitalist who throws
>                                 elderly women over a cliff, when he is
>                                 not just snatching away their cancer
>                                 medication, while starving the poor
>                                 and cutting taxes for the rich.
>                                 During his 1956 presidential campaign,
>                                 a woman called out to Adlai Stevenson:
>                                 "Senator, you have the vote of every
>                                 thinking person!" Stevenson called
>                                 back: "That's not enough, madam, we
>                                 need a majority!"  Truer words were
>                                 never spoken.
>                                 Obama could get away with saying that
>                                 "Romney wants the rich to play by a
>                                 different set of rules" - without ever
>                                 defining what those different rules
>                                 were; with saying that the "rich
>                                 should pay their fair share" - without
>                                 ever defining what a "fair share" is;
>                                 with saying that Romney wants the
>                                 poor, elderly and sick to "fend for
>                                 themselves" - without even
>                                 acknowledging that all these
>                                 government programs are going
>                                 bankrupt, their current insolvency
>                                 only papered over by deficit spending.
>                                 Similarly, Obama (or his surrogates)
>                                 could hint to blacks that a Romney
>                                 victory would lead them back into
>                                 chains and proclaim to women that
>                                 their abortions and birth control
>                                 would be taken away. He could appeal
>                                 to Hispanics that Romney would have
>                                 them all arrested and shipped to
>                                 Mexico and unabashedly state that he
>                                 will not enforce the current
>                                 immigration laws. He could espouse the
>                                 furtherance of the incestuous
>                                 relationship between governments and
>                                 unions - in which politicians ply the
>                                 unions with public money, in exchange
>                                 for which the unions provide the
>                                 politicians with votes, in exchange
>                                 for which the politicians provide more
>                                 money and the unions provide more
>                                 votes, etc., even though the money is
>                                 gone.
>                                 Obama also knows that the electorate
>                                 has changed - that whites will soon be
>                                 a minority in America (they're already
>                                 a minority in California) and that the
>                                 new immigrants to the US are primarily
>                                 from the Third World and do not share
>                                 the traditional American values that
>                                 attracted immigrants in the 19th and
>                                 20th centuries. It is a different
>                                 world, and a different America . Obama
>                                 is part of that different America ,
>                                 knows it, and knows how to tap into
>                                 it. That is why he won.
>                                 Obama also proved again that negative
>                                 advertising works, invective sells,
>                                 and harsh personal attacks succeed.
>                                 That Romney never engaged in such
>                                 diatribes points to his essential
>                                 goodness as a person; his "negative
>                                 ads" were simple facts, never personal
>                                 abuse - facts about high unemployment,
>                                 lower take-home pay, a loss of
>                                 American power and prestige abroad, a
>                                 lack of leadership, etc. As a
>                                 politician, though, Romney failed
>                                 because he did not embrace the devil's
>                                 bargain of making unsustainable
>                                 promises.
>                                 It turned out that it was not possible
>                                 for Romney and Ryan - people of
>                                 substance, depth and ideas - to
>                                 compete with the shallow populism and
>                                 platitudes of their opponents. Obama
>                                 mastered the politics of envy – of
>                                 class warfare - never reaching out to
>                                 Americans as such but to individual
>                                 groups, and cobbling together a
>                                 winning majority from these minority
>                                 groups. If an Obama could not be
>                                 defeated - with his record and his
>                                 vision of America , in which free
>                                 stuff seduces voters - it is hard to
>                                 envision any change in the future.  
>                                 The road to Hillary Clinton in 2016
>                                 and to a European-socialist economy -
>                                 those very economies that are
>                                 collapsing today in Europe - is paved.
>                                 For Jews, mostly assimilated anyway
>                                 and staunch Democrats, the results
>                                 demonstrate again that liberalism is
>                                 their Torah. Almost 70% voted for a
>                                 president widely perceived by Israelis
>                                 and most committed Jews as hostile to
>                                 Israel . They voted to secure Obama's
>                                 future at America 's expense and at
>                                 Israel 's expense - in effect,
>                                 preferring Obama to Netanyahu by a
>                                 wide margin.  
>                                 A dangerous time is ahead. Under
>                                 present circumstances, it is
>                                 inconceivable that the US will take
>                                 any aggressive action against Iran and
>                                 will more likely thwart any Israeli
>                                 initiative. The US will preach the
>                                 importance of negotiations up until
>                                 the production of the first Iranian
>                                 nuclear weapon - and then state that
>                                 the world must learn to live with this
>                                 new reality.
>                                 But this election should be a wake-up
>                                 call to Jews. There is no permanent
>                                 empire, nor is there an enduring haven
>                                 for Jews anywhere in the exile. The
>                                 American empire began to decline in
>                                 2007, and the deterioration has been
>                                 exacerbated in the last five years.
>                                 This election only hastens that
>                                 decline.
>                                 Society is permeated with sloth,
>                                 greed, envy and materialistic excess.
>                                 It has lost its moorings and its moral
>                                 foundations.. The takers outnumber the
>                                 givers, and that will only increase in
>                                 years to come.  
>                                 The "Occupy" riots across this country
>                                 in the last two years were mere dress
>                                 rehearsals for what lies ahead - years
>                                 of unrest sparked by the increasing
>                                 discontent of the unsuccessful who
>                                 want to seize the fruits and the
>                                 bounty of the successful, and do not
>                                 appreciate the slow pace of
>                                 redistribution.
>                                 If this election proves one thing, it
>                                 is that the Old America is gone. And,
>                                 sad for the world, it is not coming
>                                 back."  
>                                 The problems we face today are there
>                                 because the people who work for a
>                                 living are outnumbered by those who
>                                 vote for a living.  

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