[Rushtalk] How to get rid of Ants

Carl Spitzer lynux at keepandbeararms.com
Sat Mar 7 12:18:56 MST 2015

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From: Fred A. Miller <fmiller at lightlink.com>

           My buddy from Atlanta, Georgia swears this works. 

  Go to Home Depot or Wal-mart and buy a can of black spray paint.  The
                      brand pictured works great. 

 Stir up each ant mound as you go and the area around them with a stick.
      The ants will emerge by the hundreds to defend the mounds. 

  Spray each mound and the surrounding area, making sure you get plenty
                     of paint on the ants as well. 

   Once the ants realize they live in a black neighbourhood, they quit
                 working and start killing each other. 

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