[Rushtalk] Could Sarah Palin be the one to help Trump take down the invasive species known as Liberals

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Sarah Palin Ticked Off Liberals BIG TIME With Picture She Posted To

           by Sean Brown / on December 15, 2014
Just as controversy over a meme that Sarah Palin shared to her Facebook
page that originated from Mad World News was coming to a close, Palin
stayed true to form and posted yet another picture to her social media
account that sent the left into a tailspin.

On a recent trip to Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Palin was shooting an episode
for Season 2 of “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” which airs on the
Sportsman Channel, when she took a hunting excursion and bagged herself
quite the impressive feral hog. Happy about being able to help eradicate
the aggressive creatures responsible for millions of dollars in
agricultural, environmental, and property damage annually, she posted a
picture of her kill to Facebook.

Sarah Palin Ticked Off Liberals BIG TIME With Picture She Posted To

She captioned the photo, “Everything’s bigger in Texas! We’re in the
middle of some great hunts this week for season 2 of Sportsman Channel’s
‘Amazing America with Sarah Palin.'”

Unfortunately, the liberal trolls came out in force and almost
immediately criticized her for the photo, despite the fact that she was
performing a great service to the local community.

“That’s disgusting. Find another hobby that doesn’t include killing,”
one user wrote.

“Absolutely sick,” another echoed.

And of course, a berating from leftists wouldn’t be complete without
ad-hominem attacks to deflect away from whatever the issue happens to

“Maybe she should read a book or even get a job (but not in politics)
instead of killing animals!” a ticked off liberal said.

Love her or hate her, Palin definitely knows how to get under the skin
of our liberal counterparts. I think we need more like her and less like
Boehner, but that’s just me.

Let us know what you think of Palin with a comment!

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