[Rushtalk] MSF Slams Obama’s Silence on Kunduz Hospital Bombing

Carl Spitzer lynux at keepandbeararms.com
Sat Nov 21 07:02:25 MST 2015

MSF Slams Obama’s Silence on Kunduz Hospital Bombing

        Sputnik– 05.11.2015

Last month, US airstrikes bombarded a Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. In one of the deadliest civilian
casualty incidents in the history of the Afghan conflict. Thirty were
killed, all being medical staff and patients, and another 37 were

The tragedy elicited an international outcry. But despite almost
universal condemnation, no Western nations have stepped forward to hold
the United States accountable for its actions.

obama-jail_240x172“The silence is embarrassing,” MSF executive director
Joanne Liu told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “We have seen an erosion
over the years of international humanitarian law. Enough is enough. We
cannot keep going like this.”

In the days after the bombing, Doctors Without Borders appealed to 76
nations, requesting support for an impartial international investigation
into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“Yet today, as we mourn the killing of our staff and patients, none of
the 76 countries have stepped forward to show their support for an
independent investigation by the Humanitarian Commission,” MSF-USA
executive director Jason Cone said during a commemoration event on

“No state has been willing to stand up for the Geneva Conventions and
the laws of war.”

While President Obama has publicly apologized to Liu, the United States
is still refusing to give consent to an independent investigation.

“That is why we again call on President Barack Obama to give his consent
for the United States to participate in an independent investigation by
the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission,” Cone said on

“Consenting to such an investigation would send a powerful signal of the
US government’s commitment to and respect for international humanitarian
law and the rules of war.”

MSF has also started an online petition requesting White House consent.
It has so far garnered over 430,000 signatures.

“For me the key message is about the safeguarding of the humanitarian
medical space in war zones,” Liu said. “No one expects to be bombed when
they are in a hospital. Every human being can understand that.”


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