[Rushtalk] Slovakia to ‘monitor all Muslims’ on its territory

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Fri Nov 27 19:42:36 MST 2015

Slovakia to ‘monitor all Muslims’ on its territory 

By Beata Stur

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Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has said that “every single Muslim
in Slovakia” is being monitored in the wake of the recent Paris attacks.

As reported by the online news site Egyptian Streets, the PM stressed
the “huge security threats” connected to migration. “Virtually every
time there has been a terrorist attack [in Europe], representatives of
the Muslims were responsible,” he said during a televised debate.

“We respect that there’s a migration crisis but Slovak citizens and
their security is of higher priority than the rights of migrants,” Fico

Fico also said that, although the majority of Muslims are in Slovakia
legally, Slovakian special forces are “ready to engage” with and deport
illegal immigrants.

According to the Egyptian Streets report, Fico adheres to the policy of
stemming the flow of migrants fleeing from war-torn Syria because he
believes Islamic State could infiltrate the migrants seeking refuge in
Europe. He has also rejected the EU’s proposed quota system that seeks
to distribute incoming refugees more evenly across Europe.

Prime Minister Fico also said, “Virtually every time there has been a
terrorist attack [in Europe], representatives of the Muslims were

In a separate report, the Voice of America (VOA) noted that Fico sparked
criticism earlier this year when he said Slovakia would prefer to accept
Christian refugees under the resettlement plan. There are some 5,000
Muslims living in a population of 5.4 million but Islam is not
officially registered as religion in Slovakia and there are no official

The Islamic Foundation of Slovakia criticised Fico for singling out
Muslims as a threat.

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