[Rushtalk] Army kicking out Green Beret for protecting a child against abuse

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Thu Oct 1 09:36:28 MDT 2015

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Take Action: Army kicking out Green Beret for protecting a child against
                       Thursday, October 1, 2015
                               Dear Carl,
 When a decorated soldier was told to turn a blind eye from intervening
  in the case of a child who was being repeatedly raped and beaten, he
 knew it was an order he had to refuse. Now, doing the right thing will
                          cost him his career.
   Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret, learned from a 12
year-old Afghan boy's mother that an Afghan police commander had chained
her son to his bed in order to repeatedly abuse him...all occurring on a
United States military base. The commander was being trained under Sgt.
                         Martland's mentorship.
 Sgt. Martland confronted the Afghan rapist on a U.S. military base in
Afghanistan, who admitted and laughed off his sexually abusive actions,
  disregarding the concerns. Like any red-blooded American would (and
 should) do, Sgt. Martland would not stand by and allow the child to be
                            hurt any longer.
 A physical altercation broke out between Sgt. Martland and the Afghan
  commander. Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland admits he confronted the
Afghan police commander and physically threw him off the base because he
 was fed up with the commander's brutal sexual abuse of a village boy.
  For protecting a child against an admitted rapist, Sgt. Martland has
     been told he will be dismissed from the military in November.
     Did you catch that? Instead of standing with a soldier who was
 protecting a child against an admitted rapist, the military is kicking
him out! I can't imagine anyone who wouldn’t have done the same thing in
                         Sgt. Martland's boots.
 I certainly wouldn't punish any man for doing what any man should do…
    stepping in to protect a defenseless child from physical abuse!
  No matter where our soldiers serve, no matter what local customs may
dictate, every person serving in our military has a moral obligation to
          protect children anywhere and anytime abuse occurs.
                              TAKE ACTION
  Sign our petition to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees,
  urging them to demand the Pentagon clear Sgt. Martland's record and
               allow him to return to his regular duties.
                            TAKE ACTION NOW!
                         Tim Wildmon, President
                      American Family Association
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