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Voting for a GOP insider aka RINO will elect Hillary. conservatives are
no longer going to grab the ankles for the establishment. That is the
job of the negro democrat. CWSIV



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                                       Alexander's Column 
                        Hillary Clinton's Record of Malfeasance
               From Little Rock to Chappaqua--Will Anything Stick?
                     By Mark Alexander · August 26, 2015   Print
         "[She] who permits [herself] to tell a lie once, finds it much
           easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it
        becomes habitual; [she] tells lies without attending to it, and
          truths without the world's believing [her]. This falsehood of
        the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all
                    its good disposition." —Thomas Jefferson (1785)
        Long before the Great Prevaricator Bill Clinton and his chief
administrator Hillary duped their way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, their
       tenure in Arkansas was defined by relationships with radicals,
   real-estate shenanigans, drug dealing associates, Ponzi schemes and
 "lucky investment returns" such as Hillary's one-in-31-trillion cattle
  futures profits. However, none of that corruption stuck to the Teflon
       What follows is a concise record of Hillary and Bill Clinton's
deceptions, obfuscations and subterfuges, from Little Rock to Chappaqua.
Given that Hillary is (for the moment) the national frontrunner for the
  2016 Democrat presidential nomination, I've compiled some of the more
ignoble examples of her abject corruption from the Clintons' White House
  "co-presidency" years (recall that Bill promised "You get two for the
   price of one") — and the years since. (For a complete chronological
 listing of our Clinton campaign coverage, check out the Clinton tags.)
  But don’t delay — the terminus of Hillary's political aspirations may
   come sooner than she expected — if her email server lies results in
                                       felony indictments.
     If I had to choose just one quote that best defines the Clintons'
philosophy on governing, it would be these recent words from Hillary: "I
 don't believe you change hearts. I believe you change laws, you change
  allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate." This is
the re-warmed doctrine of Karl Marx and the mantra of today's Democratic
                                          Party statists.
   1993: After the suicide of Hillary's longtime friend and White House
  counsel Vince Foster, files "disappear" from his office, impeding the
   investigation into his death — files that would most assuredly have
shown the Clintons' fingerprints to be on various nefarious enterprises.
                                         (Sound familiar?)
        1993-94: The Clintons' White House "security director," Craig
Livingstone, a former bar bouncer and Clinton political hack, is caught
 with more than 900 classified FBI background files that he'd requested
on leading Republicans from the Reagan and Bush administrations. Hillary
                         lied in her testimony about the files.
 1993-96: Hillary convenes illegal secret panels to create a socialized
  health care plan, which was exposed by Republican House investigators
and subsequently went down in flames. Her ClintonCare proposal was thus
shelved until Barack Obama became president, but she is without question
               the grande dame of what eventually became ObamaCare.
 1993-97: The Clintons turn the IRS into their personal attack dog, and
   the agency went after every major conservative group in the nation,
    including The Heritage Foundation, the National Rifle Association,
     Concerned Women of America, the National Center for Public Policy
    Research, the American Policy Center, American Cause, Citizens for
Honest Government, Progress and Freedom Foundation, and Citizens Against
  Government Waste. Not even conservative publications such as National
Review and American Spectator were spared. In 1996, The Washington Times
researched the targeting of these organizations and could not identify a
single liberal advocacy organization that had been audited during Bill's
                                first term. (Sound familiar?)
    1994: Hillary's Rose Law Firm billing records related to the 1980s
   Whitewater Development bankruptcy mysteriously disappear — but then
 inexplicably reappear a year later after having been "scrubbed" of any
incriminating evidence linking Hillary with key partners in that fraud.
                                         (Sound familiar?)
    1995: Bill Clinton signs legislation making it easier for minority
       constituents with bad credit to obtain mortgages. His Treasury
Secretary, Robert Rubin, rewrote the lending rules for the ill-conceived
Community Reinvestment Act (which had been signed into law by none other
     than Jimmy Carter), opening the floodgates of Fannie Mae (Federal
     National Mortgage Association) and Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan
   Mortgage Corporation) subprime loans. Clinton's legislation applied
   affirmative action to the lending industry, sowing the seeds for the
massive deflation of home prices and for the near-total collapse of the
   American financial markets 10 years later. Bill Clinton admitted in
2008, "I think the responsibility that the Democrats have may rest more
in resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress ... to put some
     standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."
    Democrat Rep. Artur Davis was a bit more direct: "Like a lot of my
Democratic colleagues, I was too slow to appreciate the recklessness of
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In retrospect I should have heeded the
 [Republican] concerns in 2004. Frankly I wish my Democratic colleagues
 would admit that, when it comes to Fannie and Freddie, we were wrong."
1995-96: Hillary confidant John Huang is appointed to the DNC and raised
large illegal donations from foreign sources. (Sound familiar?) Charlie
    Trie also raised major illegal donations from foreign sources. His
$450,000 contribution to Clinton's legal defense fund was a pass-through
from Asian special interests. According to Judicial Watch founder Larry
        Klayman, those interests included the Red Chinese government.
    1996: The Clintons trade Commerce Department positions and Lincoln
Bedroom lodging for big campaign donations. Then-Vice President Al Gore
    repeatedly and infamously insisted, "There is no controlling legal
 authority," after it was determined that the Clintons were operating a
                 major fundraising call center in the White House.
      1997: Six years into Bill Clinton's tenure of national security
malfeasance, one of Osama bin Laden's well organized al-Qa'ida terrorist
cells crafts a plan to settle into American suburbs and prepare a strike
on our homeland. Four years had passed from the time of the first World
 Trade Center attack under Clinton's watch until preparations began for
   the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001. In 1988, the Clinton
administration refused an FBI field agent's efforts to open a case file
     on Arab nationals who were, curiously, training to fly commercial
 aircraft, but not training for takeoffs or landings. The stated reason
for the case file denial was to avoid the appearance of any presumption
 of an Islamic threat — precisely why, to this day, Democrats refuse to
use the words "Islamic" and "terrorism" in the same context. During his
eight years in office, Clinton had numerous opportunities to capture or
  kill bin Laden, but refused. Air Force Lt. Col. Robert Patterson, who
   carried the "nuclear football" codes for the Clinton administration,
   notes, "[W]e could have prevented the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, we
  could have prevented 9/11 and we could have prevented the bombings of
   the embassies in Africa if President Clinton had taken one of these
opportunities. ... We had eight chances at least to either nab bin Laden
       or to kill him." Michael Scheuer, former CIA chief of the team
responsible for hunting bin Laden, confirmed that prior to 9/11 SpecOps
   had two opportunities when Osama was literally in their sights, but
                     Clinton pulled the plug on both operations.
 1998: Bill Clinton is impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice
     after falsely insisting he "did not have sexual relations" with a
  22-year-old female White House intern. Hillary had established a long
   record of defending her husband against charges ranging from sexual
impropriety to rape (in order to ensure her own political aspirations),
   including but not limited to charges brought by Juanita Broaddrick,
Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones. Hillary perfected the
    practice of "blaming the victim," and she insisted that the Monica
   Lewinsky sex scandal was fabricated by a "vast right-wing conspiracy
 that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced
                                          for president."
   Americans learn a lot about DNA evidence, and the Clintons should be
 credited with the popularity of all the cold case and forensic file TV
shows that followed. We also learned that, unlike Richard Nixon, who had
       the decency to resign instead of putting the nation through an
  impeachment proceeding, the Clintons knew that Senate Democrats would
   never join with Republicans to achieve the two-thirds majority vote
                    required to convict the Philanderer in Chief.
   2000: Bill Clinton issues executive pardons to big donors and other
  convicted felons, some doing time related to Clinton scandals. Recall
   that among all those last-minute political pardons, one was for his
former CIA director, John Deutch, who, it was discovered in 1996, stored
         classified documents on an unsecure laptop at his residence.
  2001: According to Hillary, she and Bill depart the White House "dead
broke" after vandalizing the executive residence before the Bush family
     arrived and loading up $190,000 in gifts and furnishings. However
penniless (despite six-figure taxpayer-funded salaries and an $8 million
book deal), they managed to buy a Chappaqua, New York, country house for
    $1.7 million in 1999 in order to establish residency for Hillary's
  carpet-bagging Senate run in 2000. They also acquired a seven-bedroom
   house in DC for $2.85 million so Hillary would have a place to stay
                              while the Senate was in session.
 So, what are the two most notable lessons from the Clinton White House
First, never select an old establishment Republican like George Bush or
   Bob Dole to run against a young, charismatic narcissist. (Apparently
             Republicans forgot that lesson in both 2008 and 2012.)
    Second, virtually nothing sticks to the Teflon Clintons. They have
  perfected the art of the BIG Lie and the basic tenets of obfuscation:
         Admit nothing, deny everything and make counter-allegations.
2001-2009: Bill and the then-junior senator from New York amass hundreds
of millions of dollars in personal wealth from fees charged to those who
   were betting on Hillary's political future. What she did not amass,
   however, is any record of accomplishment as a senator — no piece of
                        legislation was advanced under her name.
2009: After Hillary's unsuccessful 2008 presidential primary bid against
 Barack Obama, he hushes her up and keeps her close with an appointment
as secretary of state, an office she held from 2009-2013. While Bill and
 their "family foundation" continued to amass millions in speaking fees
  and donations, Hillary compiled an even less impressive but much more
    lethal record as secretary of state than she had as a senator. She
visited 112 countries, and, though she falsely claimed having been shot
    at by snipers in at least one of them, she can claim no treaty, no
accord or even a meaningful summit success. Hillary does claim that she
 "restored America's reputation," but what she actually did was advance
 Obama's failed foreign policies to the extent that America now suffers
             its weakest world standing since the Jimmy Carter era.
   2012: Hillary crafts and propagates the Benghazi cover-up after the
   death of four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya. She lied
about the attack, claiming it was inspired by an obscure Internet video
      rather than a well-planned and executed al-Qa'ida assault on the
 anniversary of 9/11. She did so to protect Obama's 2012 election, thus
   ensuring her own 2016 ambitions. Recall that at that time Obama was
  continuously crowing about how al-Qa'ida was "on the run." Given that
  his domestic economic and social policies had been an abject failure,
    all he had to frame his 2012 campaign upon were the patently false
             claims of victory in Iraq and the defeat of al-Qa'ida.
     2014: While Hillary was secretary of state, the Bill, Hillary and
Chelsea Clinton Foundation took in hundreds of millions of dollars from
   foreign governments, corporations and individuals, who were currying
    favor with Hillary as secretary of state and as a potential future
 president. Peter Schweizer's book, "Clinton Cash," provides a sobering
                                      outline of the abuse.
2015: In March, Hillary admits that she illegally maintained a "private
      email server" for official State Department communications — in
violation of federal law, and had failed to acknowledge those records in
 congressional testimony regarding the Benghazi attack and cover-up. In
   April, Clinton officially announces her presidential candidacy. But
Clinton's self-spun web of lies about keeping her communications out of
   the public record may yet ensnare her, and end her 2016 presidential
 aspirations. It's not likely that she'll withdraw without a fight, but
      she is, clearly, in trouble. (Read our comprehensive account of
                              Clinton's email cover-up lies.)
Thus far, from Little Rock to Chappaqua, Hillary's non-stick surface has
proven effective at avoiding criminal charges. Indeed, she learned a lot
   from her slippery spouse. But she may have finally met her match in
   South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor who now
                    heads the House Select Committee on Benghazi.
    If he pins Clinton with felony charges related to her email server
                         subterfuges, those charges will stick.
Indeed, it is now increasingly likely that Clinton, having deleted more
  than 30,000 emails from her communications server, will face criminal
   charges. Those charges range from perjury and felony possession and
   dissemination of classified documents to obstruction of justice. The
 latter could result in felony charges, as Clinton directed the erasure
 of all those emails even though she was fully aware that all documents
pertaining to her tenure as secretary of state were subject to subpoena
                      by the House Select Committee on Benghazi.
      Though Clinton claimed, "I've never had a subpoena," Rep. Gowdy
    corrected the record, noting, "[S]he was personally subpoenaed the
    moment the Benghazi Committee became aware of her exclusive use of
 personal email and a server, and that the State Department was not the
custodian of her official record. For more than two years, Clinton never
      availed herself of the opportunity, even in response to a direct
      congressional inquiry, to inform the public of her unusual email
               arrangement designed to evade public transparency."
       In regard to felony possession and dissemination of classified
    documents, recall if you will the recent prosecution of Gen. David
      Petraeus, Obama's former CIA director. Gen. Petraeus admitted to
   security violations after he inadvertently made classified material
    available to his biographer, with whom he was having an adulterous
affair. Though that biographer, former Army Major Paula Broadwell, held
security clearances and none of the classified material was compromised,
it was still a serious breach of security protocols. Petraeus avoided a
felony conviction by pleading guilty, and he was sentenced to two years'
                   probation and required to pay a $100,000 fine.
    And regarding the statute pertaining to obstruction of justice, 18
   U.S.C. § 1519, It specifies felony charges for anyone who "knowingly
alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a
    false entry" in any official account or record "with the intent to
          impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper
   administration of any matter." Notably, it further specifies, "or in
    relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case," which is
              precisely why Clinton maintained that private server.
         That statute, part of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, for which
then-Senator Hillary Clinton voted "yes," includes penalties of up to 20
                                          years in prison.
  Felony counts may be coming, despite her claims that "I did not email
      any classified material to anyone on my email," and "There is no
  classified material," now that another 300 emails have been recovered
   from "lost" State Department servers that appear to have classified
  As for where the Benghazi investigation will lead, Clinton concludes,
                           "We'll see how this all plays out."
Indeed we will... At present, the best evidence that felony charges will
   be filed is Obama's pseudo-endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden's
        presidential candidacy, by way of his spokesman Josh Earnest.
  According to Earnest, "The president has indicated that his view that
   the decision that he made ... to add Joe Biden to the ticket as his
      running mate was the smartest decision that he has ever made in
       politics. And I think that should give you some sense into the
     president's view into vice president's aptitude for the top job."
 Earnest added, "The vice president is somebody who has already run for
president twice. So I think you could probably make the case that there
 is no one in American politics today who has a better understanding of
   exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential
      While Earnest also expressed Obama's "appreciation, respect and
       admiration" for Hillary Clinton, it's hard to overestimate the
   importance of his statements on Biden in light of Hillary's mounting
     And that statement came a day after Biden met with Sen. Elizabeth
"Honest Injun" Warren. No doubt that meeting was to reach an accord that
 he would serve one term with her as his veep, if she stayed out of the
        2016 primary. Indeed, a Biden/Warren ticket would be far more
    competitive than either Clinton or Sanders at the top of a ticket.
   Recall that in February, Biden advocated for an Obama third term: "I
 call it sticking with what works!" By "what works," he must have meant
  duping voters in presidential campaigns, because in both the 2010 and
    2014 midterm elections, Obama's Democratic Party policies suffered
      resounding defeat. That notwithstanding, in July, Obama himself
     asserted: "I cannot run again. I actually think I'm a pretty good
             president. I think if I ran I could win. But I can't."
        Make no mistake, a Biden/Warren ticket is a third Obama term!
   And I noted that Bill Clinton was vacationing with the now-rich and
  famous Obamas at their exclusive Martha's Vineyard in mid August. The
   White House press corps released photos of Bill and Barack golfing —
which I'm sure Clinton hoped would be a subtle shot over Biden's bow to
                          keep clear of Hillary's '16 campaign.
Or... perhaps he was cutting a deal for another executive pardon similar
to the one he gave John Deutch in 2000, as noted above. However, in this
   case, it would be Hillary who was keeping classified documents on an
                              unauthorized server in her home.
(For a complete chronological listing of our Clintons campaign coverage
      see the Clinton tags. For our comprehensive account of her email
                                 cover-up lies, click here.)
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