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When I crossed the border into Mexico during my days at Laughlin AFB., Mexico honored my Pennsylvania DL but required proof of insurance that was valid in Mexico.  USAA provided me a letter of coverage through a Mexican affiliate. Simple enough.   So is the concept of reciprocity.   Mexican DL should be valid here.  No need to issue them a U.S. one.  Just carry proof of insurance.    Tom
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Phillip Gerdes <philg at ksu.edu> wrote:

>I knew there was something about Dallas that I liked and
>I really hope this is true !!!!
>Y o u G o t t a L o v e T e x a s
>City of Dallas , Texas passed an ordinance stating that
>if a driver is pulled over
>by law enforcement and is not able to provide proof of
>insurance ,
>the car is towed .
>To retrieve the car after being impounded,
>they must show proof of insurance
>to have the car released.
>This has made it easy for the City
>of Dallas to remove uninsured cars.
>Shortly after the "No Insurance" ordinance was passed,
>the Dallas impound lots
>began to fill up and were full after only nine
>of the impounded cars
>were driven by illegals .
>Now, not only must they provide proof
>of insurance to have their car released,
>they have to pay for the cost of the tow ,
>fine , and
>for every day their
>car is kept in the lot.
>Guess what?
>rates have gone down 47%
>Dallas ' solution gets uninsured drivers
>off the road WITHOUT
>making them show proof of nationality.
>I wonder how the
>US Justice Department will
>get around this one .
>* * * *
>Just brings tears to your eyes doesn't it? **
>*** GO Dallas ***
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