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I've heard that John, but I don't agree that this is possible, unless the entire system is rigged.  In which case, voting and candidates are irrelevant.  
But I believe that Trump's relations with Clinton were a matter of political expediency.  I don't see anything credible to prove that they are "good friends."   Only that he is using her for influence so he can build his business empire more easily.  The same thing anyone else would do in the same situation.   Inviting her to his wedding is part of the pay for play system that an out of control government creates.  
The matter of  Kim Davis in Kentucky is a case of judicial activism run amok.  The first amendment freedoms must trump some discovered "right" that is in the lawful domain of the tenth amendment state powers.  The courts have forgotten that that amendment exists.  That is a major part of the problms we are facing today. 
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  Donald Trump has reached26% approval in the latest Fox Poll, and he doesn't seem to be goinganywhere. I don't see anything that could stop him at this point besidesDonald Trump himself. I think we are looking at America's NextPresident.

          MAYBE! But, notso fast........it has recently come to light that McCain and Romney wereboth set-up as patsies because Obama was agreed upon as the nextPresident by a small cadre of ultra-wealthy cretins who really run things(we certainly don't anymore - just look at the woman in Kentucky stuck ina penitentiary by federal marshals ordered by a judge). Keep in mind thatTrump and the Hildebeast are good friends. She was at his wedding. ThisCOULD be another set-up. 

Fox News Poll: New high for Trump, new low for Clinton

Fox News Poll: New high for Trump, new low for Clinton BusinessmanDonald Trump continues to gain ground in the race for the Republicannomination. 
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Businessman Donald Trump continues to gain ground in the race for theRepublican nomination. What� more, the number of GOP primary voterssaying they would at least consider backing Trump has more than doubledin the last two months.  Meanwhile, support for Democraticfrontrunner former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains high,despite sliding to its lowest yet.  

These are some of the findings from the latest Fox News national poll onthe 2016 presidential race.

Trump receives the backing of 26 percent of self-identified Republicanprimary voters -- up from 18 percent in mid-July and 11 percent a monthago. That� not only the highest level of support for Trump, but it�also the highest any GOP candidate has received since the Fox poll beganasking the question in December 2013.  

Trump� rise hasn� hurt former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who garners 15percent and is the only other Republican in double-digits.  He wasat 14 percent in mid-July and 15 percent in June.

Poll: New high for Trump, new low for Clinton

Poll: New high for Trump, new low for Clinton Home Video PoliticsU.S. Opinion Entertainment Tech Science Health Travel Lifestyle WorldSports On Air Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn RSS Newslet... 
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Behind Trump and Bush, it� Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at 9 percent,retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 7 percent, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz andformer Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 6 percent each, Florida Sen. MarcoRubio and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at 5 percent a piece, and New JerseyGov. Chris Christie and Ohio Gov. John Kasich get 3 percent each. 

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