[Rushtalk] Nutjob Pastor Bickle Endorses Cruz “So He Can Hunt Jews If They Don’t Accept The Grace Of Christ”

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         He picked the right man, but for all the wrong reasons...............

>Pastor Bickle Endorses Cruz "So He Can Hunt Jews If They Don't 
>Accept The Grace Of Christ"
>Written by <http://politicalo.com/author/alex-stevan/>Alex Stevan 
>February 12th 2016
>(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
>(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
>1 Recently, Ted Cruz's presidential campaign proudly announced the 
>endorsement of Mike Bickle, the head of the controversial 
>International House of Prayer(in Kansas City) and an extremist 
>pastor who believes, among other things, that Oprah Winfrey is a 
>forerunner to the Antichrist. Among Bickle's more radical views is 
>his prophecy that as the End Times approach, all Jews will be given 
>a chance to accept Jesus, warning that if they do not accept "the 
>grace" of Christ, God will then "raise up a hunter" who will kill 
>two-thirds of them "and the most famous hunter in recent history is 
>a man named Adolf Hitler."
>"Now, don't be looking at me with those judgy eyes, I know full well 
>what I've just said. Believe it or not, despite the fact that 
>history remembers Adolf Hitler as a mass murderer and one of the 
>greatest criminals that ever walked the face of the Earth, I would 
>argue that his mission was still a noble one. Look at how many Jews 
>he got rid of, and I don't care what anyone says, he was right to do 
>it. Although, I agree that he could have used different, let's say, 
>more discreet and subtle methods, but the man was efficient and 
>didn't care for appearances. And most importantly, what he did was 
>not of his own free will; his actions were instructed by God," Bickle raved.
>The controversial pastor continued, saying, "In my book, and I'm 
>sure, in the book of millions of other Christians as well, Hitler 
>was a hunter, a warrior of God. That's why I have chosen to stand 
>behind Ted Cruz, because he is the only politician today who's not 
>afraid to speak his mind and offer unbeatable arguments. I would 
>remind everyone that our country is going through difficult times 
>right now, with all the sin and fornication that we as a nation were 
>somehow tricked by the Devil into thinking was acceptable. Ted Cruz 
>is immune to the Devil's charms and stands tall and proud, as a real 
>Christian, Jew-hating, white politician should. He has promised me 
>that he will hunt down every last one of the Jews in this great 
>country of ours, that is, if they previously refuse to accept the 
>grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ."
>"And make no mistake, Jews are evil. Take Einstein, for example. He 
>always went on about how he was an agnostic, but everybody knows he 
>was full of cr*p. He was a Jew and there's no use lying about it. He 
>was also one of the most brilliant minds in history. And what did he 
>choose to do with his life? He decided it would be fun to give 
>mankind all these little clues about the great knowledge he 
>possessed, but kept the majority of it hidden. He never admitted to 
>what he really knew, and fed us information with a teaspoon. Unless 
>he was an alien sent to Earth to study humans, which I believe is a 
>plausible theory, I don't really think that sounds like a person 
>that has altruistic motives. And that goes for all Jews," the pastor concluded.
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