[Rushtalk] A Naturally-Occurring Electro-Magnetic Pulse Coming?

Stephen Frye stephen.frye at outlook.com
Sun Dec 4 20:34:37 MST 2016

We are always at risk of solar storms.  Charged particles are bombarding earth 24/7.  (Most of them neutrinos).  But a huge storm on the surface of the sun could indeed cause a solar wind of epic proportions and magnet disturbances that could devastate.  But when?  Who knows.  It's just like San Francisco being overdue for the bug one, and Yellowstone past its expected eruption date.

If it's a magnetic storm we won't see it until it's here.  A particle storm, well, it is what it is.  In the grand scheme of the cosmos, "soon" and "overdue" have little relevance.

On the other hand, a really severe surface storm from the sun could wreak much havoc on the planet.  It could likely result in great weeping and gnashing of teeth.  On that scale, we are insignificant.

Personally, I am waiting for our galactic merge with Andromeda.  I want to see if the predictions of NO stars colliding hold true.  I might be tempted to bet the rent!

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