[Rushtalk] Will Democrats become Most Racist Political Party in History?

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  Democrats’ Calls of Racism Get Shut Down

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Of all the political mud and invective hurled at President-Elect Donald 
Trump and his recent cabinet appointees, one of the worst accusations 
has been the one labeling them casual racists. And yet, this baseless 
charge doesn’t seem like it will soon be going away, despite new 
attempts by some Democratic Party leaders and pundits to steer 
narratives away from this utter fiction.

Looking back, it seems that this talking point gained currency from the 
very beginning of Trump’s campaign when the real estate magnate 
conspicuously accused Mexico of sending criminals over the U.S. border 
in an effort to rid itself of undesirable elements of its society.

Because of the “10-second-soundbite” nature of television news, these 
statements were taken out of context, and Trump was accused of saying 
that all Mexicans were “rapists” and “criminals” when, in fact, Trump 
was careful to note in his speech that he was not referring to all 
Mexicans by any means.

Trump’s tough talk about Islamic extremism brought quick condemnation 
from knee-jerk liberals who immediately called Trump’s proposals to vet 
Muslim immigrants and/or stop them from entering U.S. borders racist. 
And yet, liberals are loath to acknowledge that it was Muslims who 
committed the 9/11 terror attacks, were behind the 2015 bombings in 
Paris and cruelly perpetrated the shootings in San Bernardino, Orlando 
and so many other places. And they committed them for 
political/religious reasons.

So, the idea of Trump as a racist quickly became ingrained, despite the 
fact that there’s no evidence that Trump harbored hatred for any of 
these people, save for America’s terrorist enemies.

Indeed, if Trump was a committed, dyed-in-the-wool racist, wouldn’t all 
of the contestants on his Apprentice program have been white? Wouldn’t 
he have refrained from asking Dr. Ben Carson to be one of his campaign 
advisors? Wouldn’t he have made sure his golf club Mar-a-Lago was like 
all the other golf clubs in Palm Beach, Florida and disallowed people of 
color and Jews memberships?

Wouldn’t Trump have given countless statements to the media endorsing 
racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan and avowed racists like 
David Duke? Wouldn’t Trump have repudiated attention in his policies to 
a program called “The New Deal for Black America”?

The answers to all these questions would have been a frank “Yes” if 
Trump was an unabashed racist. But, in fact, Trump took the exact 
opposite approach in all of these situations, so it’s impossible to 
accuse him — or his cabinet members — of harboring racist sentiments or 

Indeed, as with spurious charges of homophobia, there’s a complete lack 
of proof whatsoever on Trump’s part (it’s impossible to find a hateful 
statement on the web that Trump has made about gay people, other than 
his objection to gay marriage years ago, which he later reversed — as 
did his campaign rival Hillary Clinton and President Barrack Obama).

For liberals, this is a Pinocchio moment; they can’t just keep accusing 
someone of something when all the evidence is pointing in the opposite 

The other day on CNN, anchor Anderson Cooper was surprisingly critical 
of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren for continuing to promulgate 
the lie that Trump’s new chief strategist and former Breitbart News 
chief Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. On Cooper’s “360” program, 
Warren claimed, “Donald Trump has doubled down on racism and bigotry. 
He’s got as his strategic adviser a person who’s a white supremacist and 
he’s now doubling down.” But Cooper quickly retorted, “Wait a minute. 
There’s no evidence he’s a white supremacist.”

Warren was forced to concede Cooper was correct, weakly backing down to 
the notion that Bannon might harbor racist ideas because a very tiny 
minority of people who are actually racist have endorsed him. “This is a 
guy whose appointment is applauded by the KKK,” Warren tried to argue, 
leaving out the fact that members of the KKK and their sympathizers 
account for less than one-tenth of one percent of the country’s population.

In fact, endorsements from racists that one immediately disavows may as 
well not be endorsements at all — if Kim Kardashian were to say she’s 
your biggest fan, does that mean you’re also a fan of hers? Rather than 
using a more concrete objection, progressives are finding that their 
charges of simple racism simply aren’t sticking; former television host 
and comedian Jon Stewart accused Democrats of being hypocrites for 
believing all Trump voters are racist just because a tiny fraction of 
them might be.

Like a bad hangover, these false charges for Trump and his cabinet picks 
are fading, and in a few months’ time, they’ll likely be looked at with 

Democrats who continue down this road will quickly find that there’s 
nothing to back them up; their charges might as well be a thin plastic 
film over a deep body of water; none of them is going to prevent someone 
from getting themselves wet.

Already, many would-be smear attackers of Trump have begun to back off 
racial issues in search of more fertile ground to plant their seeds of 
derision. For now, unlike Republicans, the Democrats’ search for a valid 
critique of their opposing party’s leader appears to have hit a wall.

As Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio said on Fox News, “We can’t 
keep going down the same road. … I’m pulling the fire alarm right now, 
is what I’m doing in the Democratic Party… We better get our act 
together or we’re going to cease being a national party. We’re going to 
be a regional party that fails to get into the majority and fails to do 
things on behalf of those working class people that were the backbone of 
the Democratic Party for so long.”

~Conservative Zone

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