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Mon Dec 12 12:40:43 MST 2016

/*Don't know how many of you know who Dave Nalle is - he's head of the 
Texas Libertarian party. He's whining today on FACEBOOK about Trump's 
"corporatism" - Trump is naming corporate executives to fill most of his 
cabinet positions. I asked him, "tell me, Dave......how is naming 
attorneys to these posts any better?"

/*         So far, there's been no answer..................*/

On 12/12/2016 2:27 PM, Dennis Putnam wrote:
> He's already done that by picking Myron Ebell for the EPA. The current 
> head pressures companies to donate money to enviro-wackos who then in 
> turn use that money to harass those same companies. Ebell will end 
> that type of corruption, which is why the enviro-wackos are going 
> ballistic over that pick. They are about to lose their ability to 
> shakedown companies for funds since they cannot survive on just 
> Hollywood donations.
> On 12/12/2016 2:18 PM, John Quayle wrote:
>> For Christmas Let’s Ask Donald Trump to End the EPA’s Tyranny 
>> <http://em.constitution.com/ga/click/2-233488061-2153-230730-484088-3310372-9203c15853-61bda6928b>
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