[Rushtalk] Michigan Recount Exposes Clinton Electoral Fraud: Half of Detroit Votes Show Signs of Tampering

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Michigan Recount Exposes Clinton Electoral Fraud: Half of Detroit Votes
Show Signs of Tampering

Votes in Hillary-heavy Detroit may have been counted up to 6 times

By Rudy Panko 
Russia Insider

December 12, 2016

This is some next-level poetic justice: A Michigan recount backed by
Jill Stein and the Democrats, and intended to delegitimize Trump’s
astonishing victory on November 8, has actually exposed widespread fraud
in precincts which voted heavily for Clinton.

Hillary even sucks at cheating. Via the Detroit News:

        Michigan’s largest county voted overwhelmingly for Democratic
        candidate Hillary Clinton, but officials couldn’t reconcile vote
        totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of
        vote results late last month.
        Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the
        number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of
        voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392
        of 662.
        According to state law, precincts whose poll books don’t match
        with ballots can’t be recounted. If that happens, original
        election results stand.
        “It’s not good,” conceded Daniel Baxter, elections director for
        the city of Detroit.

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Here’s the best part: Officials blame the scanners used to tally votes
for the huge discrepancies. Hard to believe:

        Once they started the Michigan recount in earnest, and knowing
        he would be exposed, the Detroit City Clerk Daniel Baxter all of
        a sudden started claiming that the optical scanners which read
        the paper ballots did not work the day of the election. Baxter
        blamed the discrepancies on decade-old voting machines. That is
        his cover story. Nothing like this was mentioned until he
        realized their voting fraud scheme would be detected.
        Baxter’s claim is that, when trying to push the ballots through
        the readers, the ballots would be stuck and they’d have to push
        them through again thus ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ resulting in a double
        count. He says the poll workers sometimes ‘FORGET’ to adjust the
        machine count and instead let the ballot count twice.

Sounds reasonable.

It gets worse, though. Vigilant citizens who observed the recount said
that there were numerous signs of vote tampering in Hillary-heavy

Ken Crider, a 2014 Republican candidate for District 19 of the Michigan
House of Representatives, said he watched the recount effort in Cobo
Hall in Detroit with his wife, Penny. In a Facebook post-Tuesday, he
claimed to have witnessed some serious ballot discrepancies. Crider

        MUST READ! Penny Crider and I just got back from helping watch
        the recount at Cobo Hall in Detroit. On Nov. 8th (Election Day)
        the election officials at 8:00 p.m. shut down the polls. They
        then reconciled the differences from the machine count and the
        voter count on the computer. At this point, a Metal tag/seal
        with a serial number is put on the box and the box was taken
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        Penny’s precinct, Detroit Precinct #152 had an unbroken seal and
        everything looked proper. The tag on the box said 306 and the
        book said 306 and the ticket said 306, so there should be 306
        paper ballots on the box, right. Well when they pulled out the
        ballots the stack seemed short and when they finished separating
        the two page ballot to count the Presidential page only guess
        how many ballots were in the box? 304 no, 299 nope, 200 nada,
        how about 100 wrong again. There were only exactly 50 paper
        ballots in a locked sealed box that again was supposed to have
        306. HMMMM.
        Oh I forgot to add, since there was a discrepancy in the two
        numbers, the original count stands.
        One more thing my precinct (sorry I forgot the number), had 525
        votes on the book, tag and ticket and we counted 525 ballots the
        election official was praising the Lord “Hallelujah we have a
        countable precinct” Jill Stein had three (3) votes.

In other words: In Democratic Detroit, each vote was counted 6 times!

Just imagine the landslide popular vote victory Trump would have enjoyed
if the Democrats played fair on Election Day.

Reprinted from Russia Insider.


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