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/*How does this moron expect to survive by dumping 60% of his customers 
and also, how's he gonna find out?


  Maine Gas Distributor Won’t Deliver to Trump Supporters

    Business owner vows to leave neighbors who voted for president-elect
    in the cold

by Edmund Kozak <http://www.lifezette.com/author/edmundkozak/>| 
/Updated/ 18 Dec 2016 at 9:48 AM

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An owner of a propane dealership in Maine is refusing to deliver gas to 
anyone who voted for President-Elect Donald Trump.

Michael Turner, owner of Turner LP Gas in Skowhegan, Maine, recorded a 
voicemail greeting that leaves little question as to his feelings for 
those in his community who supported Trump.

    “If you voted for Donald Trump for president, I will no longer be
    delivering your gas — please find someone else.”

“Thank you for calling Turner LP Gas. If you voted for Donald Trump for 
president, I will no longer be delivering your gas — please find someone 
else,” the message states.

Turner isn’t the first person to refuse to do business with Trump voters 
— in late November, Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of an Albuquerque, New 
Mexico-based marketing firm, issued a statement saying he would no 
longer work with Trump supporters.

But unlike Blanchfield, who lives in a county that voted solidly for 
Hillary Clinton, Turner lives in a county that overwhelmingly supported 
Trump. Trump won Somerset County, Maine — in which Skowhegan is located 
— 57.73 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 35 percent.

In Skowhegan specifically, where Clinton performed better than Somerset 
County at large, Trump still received over 50 percent of the vote and 
had a 10-point lead on Clinton, according to rough figures published on 
Skowhegan’s town website. Turner is apparently so distraught over 
Trump’s win he is willing alienate more than half of his community and 
possibly sacrifice his livelihood.

But there is something slightly more disquieting to Turner's anti-Trump 
message. Maine is of course a very, very cold place during the winter, 
and many Mainers, especially the state's senior citizens, often rely on 
fuel deliveries to survive Maine's harsh winter months.

Average temperatures in Skowhegan during the winter months are firmly 
below freezing, with an average high of 31 degrees in December, 26 
degrees in January, and 30 in February according to Intellicast.

To refuse to deliver gas in Maine during the winter could be for many 
a serious issue. Residents will have to find a local alternative or 
could face a literally life-threatening situation without heat.

Turner did not immediately return calls from LifeZette on Friday.

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