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/*Well, we do have a black A/G, a black President, we've had black 
people running for President since 1984 - no country in Europe can make 
such claims. */

On 12/21/2016 11:38 AM, Stephen Frye wrote:
> Racism should not me measured relatively.  We would NOT accept this 
> argument if it were applied to taxation.  We are MUCH lower than 
> Europe, but still very unsatisfied.
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>   How Racist Is America?
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> The word "RACISM" written in wooden letterpress type.
> Race is a big topic. You hear about it every day, and regardless of 
> your personal feelings, there is no denying that racial tension is a 
> serious issue in America right now. It leads to an inescapable 
> question: Just how racist is the U.S.? In this session, we’ll compare 
> the country to the rest of the developed world in a number of 
> statistics to see just how bad it really is.
> *Europe*
> As it turns out, the United States is on a very short list of 
> countries that tracks racial statistics. For most of Europe, there are 
> no official numbers on incarceration or employment rates by race. The 
> UK tracks some stats by race, but for countries that don’t, the best 
> we can do is track rates by nationality. Here’s how it breaks down.
> *Incarceration*
> The UK is the only country in Europe with racial incarceration 
> statistics. The total black population is 2.7 percent, but the prison 
> population is 13.7 percent black. That breaks down to a ratio of 5.07 
> to 1. For comparison, the prison to population ratio for white Brits 
> is 0.75.
> As for the rest of Europe, the numbers to look at compare citizens to 
> foreigners, and they will shock you. In Germany, 21.7 percent of the 
> prison population consists of foreigners. Keep in mind that Germany is 
> the champion of Syrian refugees and European Union centralism, so 
> seeing such an insane rate is mind blowing.
> What is far more surprising is that Germany is one of the best 
> countries in Europe in this metric. More than 15 countries have a 
> foreign incarceration rate that is over 20 percent. The highest is 
> Switzerland with an unimaginable 74.2 percent.
> One other notable statistic involves France. While they don’t track 
> racial statistics, they have reported that more than 70 percent of 
> their prison population is Muslim. Considering the country is at most 
> 10 percent Muslim, that makes an incarceration rate of 7 to 1 or higher.
> *Employment*
> The incarceration rates in Europe are astonishing, but the employment 
> situation isn’t any better. Once again, the UK is the only country 
> with racial stats, so we’ll start there. In this case, all minorities 
> are lumped together in the category of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic 
> (BAME). The BAME unemployment has consistently stayed double that of 
> white Brits, while black Brits in particular suffer an unemployment 
> rate that is 2.5 times higher than the national average.
> For the rest of Europe, we once again defer to foreign statistics. In 
> Germany, the national unemployment rate is 4.1, but the foreign ratio 
> is 2.02 times higher, at 8.3. In France, the ratio is less 
> incriminating. National unemployment is 10.5, while foreign is 16.7. 
> Across the entire EU, the employment ratio is just under 2 to 1 for 
> foreigners.
> *Australia and Canada*
> Australia and Canada have demographics that make for reasonable 
> comparisons to the U.S., but since they aren’t part of the EU, it 
> makes sense to separate their statistics. In Canada, the incarceration 
> of black nationals is 3.33 to 1. In Australia, the black population is 
> negligible, so instead we have to compare aborigine rates. The 
> incarceration rate is 7 to 1, and the unemployment ratio is 3 to 1. 
> Now that we have set major comparisons for the bulk of the developed 
> world, let’s see how the U.S. compares.
> *United States*
> You’ve likely seen some of these statistics before, but we’ll hit 
> everything being compared for clarity. Starting with imprisonment, the 
> highest ratio for any demographic is African Americans, and they are 
> incarcerated at a rate of 3.07 to 1. This is still a high ratio, but 
> it’s the lowest of any country that actually measures the statistics.
> As for foreign incarceration, the U.S. prison population rate is 0.7 
> percent, the lowest in any country in the world that measures, and of 
> that population, 58 percent are undocumented immigrants waiting for 
> deportation. So, while it may be arguable that the U.S. justice system 
> is imperfect, it’s the least racist or xenophobic justice system in 
> the world. It’s not close to the best; it is the unparalleled champion.
> What about employment? Well, among countries that actually track these 
> statistics, the U.S. is still the best. Once again, African Americans 
> are the most disproportionately represented demographic, and they 
> measure an unemployment rate of 8.5, as compared to the 4.8 for the 
> nation as a whole. This is a disparity ratio of 1.77, which is 
> considerably better than anything measured in Europe or Australia 
> (statistics for Canada were contradictory and thus inadmissible). The 
> employment rate for immigrants is unparalleled, at 5 percent. That 
> leaves a ratio of just 1.04.
> *Bottom Line*
> While it shouldn’t be surprising that the U.S. remains the best place 
> in the world for immigrants, the issue of racism is probably 
> surprising. There is no disputing that racial disparity still exists, 
> but American methods are clearly and significantly outpacing the rest 
> of the world.
> Regards,
> Ethan Warrick
> Editor
> Wealth Authority
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