[Rushtalk] How many Trump products were made overseas? Here’s the complete list. - The Washington Post

Carl Spitzer cwsiv at juno.com
Mon Dec 26 16:41:24 MST 2016

On Thu, 2016-12-22 at 17:44 +0000, Tom Matiska wrote:
> Throwing stones from glass houses......
> This article would be more interesting if someone named Clinton wasn't
> running against Trump.     Bill signed NAFTA after campaigning
> otherwise, made China's favored nation status permanent(annual
> approval Before Clinton), approved trade friendly amendments to GATT
> and WTO, effectively made the Port of Long Beach a Chinese port, took
> campaign donations from the Chinese via the likes of Charlie Trie,
> Johnny  Chung, John Huang, ,,....etc... etc...... etc....    Tom

We should know these things so we can defend against the liberals
desperate enough to make a stink about a non issue.  Seems without
American manufacturing see NAFTA, things we want wind up being made
overseas.  Perhaps Trump will find a way to import jobs to America once
again so that we can restore our economic vitality and the middle class.
I personally hope he sends Bill Gates and all those dirty indian scabs
packing on the first boat out.



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