[Rushtalk] Islamicide: How the Mullah Mafia Is Destroying Pakistan

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Islamicide: How the Mullah Mafia Is Destroying Pakistan

A boy cuts off his own right hand because it offended God. Pedophilia is
holy. To question is to risk execution. Welcome to a nation in thrall to
suicidal fanaticism.
LONDON — Somewhere in the world there is a Muslim-majority country in
which a 15-year-old boy accidentally raised his hand to answer the wrong
question at a religious sermon. The boy said yes, when he meant to say

His religious instructor, his mullah, had been asking, “Who among you
loves their prophet?” All present raised their hands. The mullah then
followed with another question: “Who among you doesn’t believe in the
teachings of the Holy Prophet? Raise your hands!”

The boy thought he was answering the first question again. He stuck his
right hand up in pride. Yes. Yes, I love my prophet, he thought. But to
the poor boy’s horror, the mullah had asked the question in the
negative. Upon realizing his mistake, which I remind you was raising his
hand too quickly, the boy was told before 100 worshippers that he had
committed blasphemy. He was mortified.

The boy promptly departed that day and walked home. All along the way he
must have been thinking about his mistake. Had his hand exposed him as
an apostate by bearing false witness against his soul? How could he ever
regain his lost status as a believer?

In his utter depression, perhaps the boy recalled the passage of the
Quran that describes the Day of Reckoning in which believers’ own limbs
will testify against them, betraying their misdeeds.

He may even have recalled a traditional saying ascribed to the Prophet
Muhammad, “Even if my own daughter Fatima stole, by God I would cut off
her hand.”

In this spirit, hadn’t a member of ISIS just executed his own mother for
apostasy? Whatever was on his mind, this boy, who wanted so much to be
considered a true, fearful believer, decided that he must take action to
fix his terrible mistake. What happened next has alternately shocked,
embarrassed, infuriated, and depressed me. It has come to symbolize the
collective suicide—let’s call it Islamicide—of this boy’s country.

The boy went into his father’s workshop, placed his right hand inside
the grass cutting machine, and chopped it clean off.

That’s right. He cut off is own hand in the name of the prophet. “When I
raised my right hand unwittingly, I realized I had committed blasphemy
and needed to atone for this,” he told the BBC. “I came back home… but
found the place dark, so I took my uncle’s phone to point some light at
my hand. I placed it under the machine and chopped it off in a single

Bleeding profusely, the boy then walked all the way back to the mosque,
and found his mullah. As atonement for heresy, he then presented his
severed hand to the mullah. “The hand that commits blasphemy should be
chopped off,” the boy later said.

The boy was promptly hailed by his mullah as an ‘aashiq—a true lover of
the prophet—and his extreme act of expiation was celebrated throughout
his village and surrounding villages. Neighbors are appearing
at his home, kissing his left hand, and placing some cash in his pocket.

“I heard that a boy sacrificed his own hand for the love of our prophet.
I came here to meet him,” one said.

All he wanted to do was please his mullah.

Meanwhile, across this boy’s fervent and restive country, in his capital
city, a bill had been proposed that would outlaw pedophilia,
euphemistically called “child marriage.” But there’s an entire mullah
mafia in the big city with attitudes much like that of the small-minded
village cleric who celebrated his student’s self-mutilation. And that
mullah mafia thanks heaven for little girls.

Marvi Memon of the ruling Muslim League party was attempting to
introduce harsher punishment for those who “marry” minors, while also
raising the legal age of marriage to 18.

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Relatively uncontroversial in 2016, you would think. But such is the
fear of being accused of committing blasphemy in this country, such is
the power of the accuser, that all one has to do is threaten. And that
is exactly what happened.

The country’s Council of Islamic Ideology declared that to outlaw
pedophilia would be an insult to the Prophet Muhammad, for hadn’t he
married a 9-year-old girl called Aisha?

Unanimously rejecting the proposed Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment)
Bill 2014 on “purely religious grounds,” the mullahs pronounced any
representatives who supported this reform to be blasphemers.

Chairman of the Council Mohammad Khan Sheerani said,“Parliament cannot
create legislation that is against the teachings of the Holy Quran
or Sunnah.”

In May 2014, the Council repeated its earlier ruling that girls as young
as 9 years old were eligible for marriage if “the signs of puberty are
visible.” The legislators—from the ruling party I remind you—were forced
to withdraw their bill immediately.

The mullah mafia had won once again. A great “victory for
Islam.” Pedophilia was “Islamic.” And to question it was blasphemy.
Which is punishable by death, in case you were ever in doubt.

That boy lived just outside Lahore. That capital city was Islamabad.
Welcome to Pakistan 2016. A country committing Islamicide.

How I mourn you Pakistan. You were once the pride and hope of South
Asia. Muhammad Ali Jinnah fought to found you, to build a country in
which “Muslims will cease to be Muslims, and Hindus will cease to be
Hindus, not in the religious sense, but as citizens of the state,” and
yet today your Sunni terrorists would murder Jinnah as a
“heretical” Shia.

Like all rotten gangsters seeking power through intimidation, with every
new victory Pakistan’s mullah mafia extends its clutches further. Their
definition of blasphemy gets broader and broader, starting with a direct
insult; yet now encompassing “heretical” sects such as Shia and Ahmedis;
and, wider still, being deployed to protect pedophilia.

Everyone is petrified. The mullah mafia seem invincible. To offend them
is obviously to offend God. And to offend God, the Most Merciful,
apparently deserves death. But of course, this has got “nothing to do
with Islam.”

Perhaps it was all over when the progressive leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto,
the late Benazir Bhutto’s father, gave in to this mullah mafia and
introduced legally sanctioned sectarianism to Pakistan’s laws in 1974,
declaring the Ahmedi sect to be infidels. Perhaps it was the end when
Gen. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq came to power in 1977, using Islam to crush his
opponents, and introducing strict medieval era penal codes such as
public flogging.

Perhaps it was finished when former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was
assassinated by a jihadist terrorist in 2007.

Or maybe I should have lost hope in 2011 after the governor of Punjab,
Salman Taseer, was gunned down by his own bodyguard amid accusations of

Or likewise when Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti was killed that same
year, for the very same reason.

Maybe those of us desperately clinging to the memory of a secular
Pakistan that was, that could have been, should just call it quits now.

But then I think of this boy. And I think of the child “brides,” and the
acid victims, and all the brave voices—military and civilian—who have
given their lives to fight this madness; and I think of the assassinated
Governor Salman Taseer’s son, Shahbaz Taseer, and former Prime Minister
Yousuf Gilani’s son, Ali Haider, both still missing after terrorists
kidnapped them hoping to ransom them. And it wrenches at my gut.

When I see the protestors lighting candles at Liberty Chowk after every
major terrorist attack, when I hear of brave new Pakistani voices boldly
proclaiming their counter-extremist message from within, when I behold
the slightly paralyzed left side of Malala’s face looking back at me in
her photograph, I am forced to remind myself, amid all the
depression: Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Lives.

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