[Rushtalk] 10 Reasons Trump U Case Is a Political Witch-Hunt Against Donald

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10 Reasons Trump U Case Is a Political Witch-Hunt Against Donald

By Mike Garcia   |    Wednesday, 08 Jun 2016 11:58 AM 

Donald Trump has gotten a lot of flak, even from members of his own
party, for calling into question the class-action lawsuit against Trump
University in New York.

According to CNN, Trump has, in particular, called out U.S. District
Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel for having an "inherent conflict of
interest," noting that he is the son of immigrants and likely opposes a
border wall.

But it seems the presumptive GOP nominee may have good reasons — lots of
them — to be suspicious of the motives of those pushing this case.

Here are just 10 reasons the case and the players involved in it are
politically motivated against Trump.

1. The politician spearheading the suit is campaigning off it — The New
York Post reported on Thursday that "a day after attacking Donald Trump
on national TV, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman moved to score
political points off a pending case involving the presumptive GOP
presidential nominee." Schneiderman is reported to have sent an email
blast to supporters of his re-election campaign saying the "allegations"
against Trump University are "clear." 

2. The law firm that brought the suit is a Clinton donor — According to
Liberty News Now, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd "has paid the Clintons a
total of $675,000 in speaking fees over the last eight years. Almost a
quarter of a million dollars for a couple of speeches and Hillary just
spoke there a year and a half ago for $225,000."

3. The Robbins law firm donated to Schneiderman — "Eric Schneiderman got
a $15,000 campaign contribution in 2010 from two lawyers in a law firm
named . . . Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP. They being one of the
firms Judge Curiel would assign to the Trump University MailScanner has
detected a possible fraud attempt from "spectator.org" claiming to
beclass-action cases," Spectator.org reported.

4. Schneiderman reportedly solicited Trump for campaign donations —
MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "spectator.org"
claiming to beAs Spectator.org reported in 2013, Trump filed a 150-page
response to the lawsuit in New York. The filing stated that
Schneiderman's campaign "repeatedly solicited campaign contributions and
sought other favors from members of the Trump family and its
representatives during the pendency of the two-year investigation."

5. The second law firm bringing the suit is headed by a Clinton donor —
Zeldes Haeggquist & Eck LLP, appointed as additional class counsel to
the plaintiffs, is headed by a senior partner who has donated to Barack
Obama multiple times, as well as the liberal groupMailScanner has
detected a possible fraud attempt from "spectator.org" claiming to
beMoveOn.org, Spectator.org points out. MoveOn.org was founded in 1998
in defense of Bill Clinton following his impeachment.

6. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of La Raza — "Curiel is, reportedly,
a member of a group called La Raza Lawyers of San Diego," Alberto R.
Gonzales, White House counsel and U.S. attorney general in the George W.
Bush administration, wrote in the Chicago Tribune. 

7. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is an Obama appointee — U.S. District Judge
Gonzalo Curiel was appointed byPresident Barack Obama, New York magazine
reported. Obama has repeatedly lobbed insults at Donald Trump, and it's
hard to say Curiel won't be taking any cues from the man who helped get
him to the high bench.

8. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a Democratic donor — MailScanner has detected
a possible fraud attempt from "spectator.org" claiming to
beSpectator.org pointed out that Curiel is a campaign contributor to
House Democratic Conference Chairman Xavier Becerra. Curiel is likely a
down-the-line Democratic supporter and, as such, would have interest in
hobbling the presumptive Republican nominee.

9. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is the son of immigrants — "The future federal
judge was born in East Chicago, Indiana, in 1953. His parents, both
immigrants from Jalisco, Mexico, were naturalized citizens," CNN
reported. As someone whose family benefited from immigration, Curiel is
likely in opposition to Trump's plan to get it under control — possibly
with a border wall. 

10. These allegations arise many years after students left Trump U —
After giving Trump U positive ratings in their exit papers — and being
offered a liberal refund policy — Trump U students said nothing for
years. That was until Trump became a vocal critic of Barack Obama and
then a presidential candidate.


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