[Rushtalk] Indictment

Tom Matiska tom.matiska at att.net
Fri Jun 3 18:58:46 MDT 2016

Who else do they have left to drag out??   Crazy Joe Biden?  Pocahontas Warren?    Looks like she will captain their Titanic.   Tom
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Stephen Frye <stephen.frye at outlook.com> wrote:

>So let's say Hillary is indicted/charged (like that will ever happen), and that she is unable to run.  Wouldn't that leave us with Bernie?  He's a dangerous candidate in that all of the "takers" will rally to him.
>Trump - nope
>Hillary - noper
>Bernie - nopest
>I learned a valuable lesson a few years ago, the very hard way:  Givers must eventually stop giving, because takers will never stop taking.
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