[Rushtalk] Rent a mob Protests turn violent outside Trump New Mexico event

Carl Spitzer lynux at keepandbeararms.com
Sat Jun 4 07:53:39 MDT 2016

On Mon, 2016-05-30 at 14:31 -0400, Tom Matiska wrote:

> Trump should find the group responsible for organizing this and give them more funding.    Foriegners protesting for amnesty while waiving a foreign flag will only help Trump.  Tom

Now that is a ploy worthy of Nixon who likewise is said to have tried to
hire Je$$ie Jack$on to split the donkey vote.  I am not sure I want to
use such tricks its too much an insider thing.  Trump is however great
at manipulating the media into working for him inspite of themselves.
He is loved for his politically incorrectness.

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