[Rushtalk] An interesting take on Donald Trump

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Creeping?  Mine is rushing in at approximately two and a half times the speed of light.  Both hands, both elbows, and one knee.

Actually we can synthesize capsaicin (not sure of spelling) – pushing the concentration to well over several million as opposed to about 1000 in Jalapenos.

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I know that there are many – hundreds, thousands  “ of worthwhile articles (and an order of magnitude more lousy ones).  But here I get the most enjoyment (and frustration J ) from reading the thoughts of our posters.  A couple of years ago, four out of five postings were articles from somewhere else.

AS an aside, I recently read an article about the Olympics on Fox.  It was riddled with grammatical misusages and abominable punctuation.  But it would all have passed spell check.  I don’t know which is sadder:  that the author doesn’t know any better, or that his editor didn’t either.

In high school, I would have received an “F†for a paper like that.

Oh well.  Time to get off my soap box.  Rejoice.  In four weeks I'll be in Alaska, and in six months we'll be visiting Iceland!

         I hope you like cold weather, Stephen. Personally, I wait all year for hot weather and even though I sweat my brains out umpiring when it's above 80 (like today it was 88 in the Pittsburgh-area and I was doing the plate), I still would rather be warm than cold. I'm creeping up on 60 and arthritis is kicking my backside (and HARD!). -   jaq

Salon Pas capsacen patches

         Carl, I eat a LOT of peppers (from which we get "capsaicin")..............still, the creeping arthritis is unbearable, sometimes......   -  jaq

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