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“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a
psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in
fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they
clothe ideas and disguise.” 
― Joseph Goebbels 

“Think of the press as a great keyboard 
on which the government can play.” 
― Joseph Goebbels 

“Faith moves mountains, but only knowledge moves them to the right
― Joseph Goebbels 

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless
one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine
itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” 
― Joseph Goebbels 

“Success is the important thing. Propaganda is not a matter for average
minds, but rather a matter for practitioners. It is not supposed to be
lovely or theoretically correct. I do not care if I give wonderful,
aesthetically elegant speeches, or speak so that women cry. The point of
a political speech is to persuade people of what we think right. I speak
differently in the provinces than I do in Berlin, and when I speak in
Bayreuth, I say different things than I say in the Pharus Hall. That is
a matter of practice, not of theory. We do not want to be a movement of
a few straw brains, but rather a movement that can conquer the broad
masses. Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is
not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.” 
― Joseph Goebbels 


“Man is and remains an animal.Here a beast of prey, there a housepet,
but always an animal.” 
― Joseph Goebbels 

“That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which
fails to achieve the desired result. It is not propaganda’s task to be
intelligent, its task is to lead to success.” 
― Joseph Goebbels 

“What does Christianity mean today? National Socialism is a religion.
All we lack is a religious genius capable of uprooting outmoded
religious practices and putting new ones in their place. We lack
traditions and ritual. One day soon National Socialism will be the
religion of all Germans. My Party is my church, and I believe I serve
the Lord best if I do his will, and liberate my oppressed people from
the fetters of slavery. That is my gospel.” 
― Joseph Goebbels 

Not only is National Socialism a religion, so is Socialism and Communism
Tom Kalbfus


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