[Rushtalk] What a difference 200 years makes.

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I am sure that’s exactly how you see it.


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​Some 200 years ago, 
some of the White people (North and South) sat on their porches 
and watched the Black people do the work that needed to be done 
so the Whites could live the life they wanted.

If the Blacks didn't produce enough to keep the Whites happy, 
the Whites complained about it. 
In those days, it was called slavery.

Today…200 years later, 
a lot of the Black people (North, South, East, and West) 
sit on their porches and watch the White people work to pay 
the taxes that are necessary for the Blacks to live the life they want. r
If their welfare check is not enough to keep them happy, 
the Blacks complain about it.       
It would appear to me that the only thing that has changed 
in the last 200 years is the color of the slaves.

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