[Rushtalk] Clinton Doesn’t List Self-Defense as Valid Reason to Own a Gun

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         Let's see her go without the Secret Service for just 24 


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>Self-Defense as Valid Reason to Own a Gun   BY: Alyssa Canobbio 
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>January 25, 2016 7:29 pm   Hillary Clinton did not list self-defense 
>as a reason to have a gun Monday during a campaign event in 
>Oskaloosa, Iowa, instead listing "collecting," "shooting practice" 
>and "hunting" as valid reasons for owning a gun.   An attendee at 
>Clinton's town hall meeting asked the Democratic presidential 
>candidate what her thoughts on guns were, and he started his 
>question by telling Clinton that people in Iowa love their 
>guns.   Clinton replied that gun ownership was his right and 
>"opportunity" because of the Second Amendment.   "But here's what I 
>want you as a gun owner to understand," Clinton said. "We've got to 
>keep guns out of the hands of people who don't use them for hunting 
>or shooting practice or collecting."   In Clinton's gun control 
>platform, she has called for increased background checks, which she 
>claims would reduce the lethality of domestic violence, reduce 
>unlawful gun transfers to dangerous individuals, and reduce gun 
>trafficking. She has continually supported the Brady Bill.   Towards 
>the end of Clinton's answer, she blamed gun owners for not being 
>responsible with loaded firearms.   "A lot of gun owners are getting 
>lax," she said. "They're leaving loaded guns around. We have 
>toddlers picking up guns. We have eight- and nine-year-olds picking 
>up guns. We're not having the responsible gun owners stand up and 
>say, 'Hey, we can separate our rights from what we need to do to 
>protect people from those who shouldn't have guns in the first 
>place.' That's where I stand and that's what I'd like to see us 
>do."   This entry was posted in Politics and tagged 2016 Election, 
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