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At 03:04 PM 5/2/2016, Tom Matiska wrote:
>I figure that once Trump gives the left a taste 
>of their own medicine they will rediscover the 
>Constitution and hold him to its limits like we 
>have't seen in years.   Tom T-Mobile.

         That's possible. They are already trying 
to impeach him and he hasn't been elected, yet............... - jaq

>America's First Nationwide 4G Network Steven 
>Laib <stevenlaib at sbcglobal.net> wrote: >Frankly, 
>I'm not very sanguine about the prospects. > >If 
>the democrats win the white house then it is 
>lights out America. >If they don't, it may be 
>anyway. > >I do not believe that Trump cannot be 
>trusted to govern >constitutionally, or 
>necessarily in the best interests of the 
>nation. >Cruz may do his best to govern 
>constitutionally, but given the state 
>of >things, that may mean that he is ineffective 
>and incapable of reversing >the slide into 
>oblivion. > >Kasich is simply a case of Hillary 
>lite. > >Then there are predictions that the GOP 
>will lose control of the >legislature, not that 
>it has made a difference of 
>late.  Virtually >everyone kowtowed to Obama and 
>Boehner laid into Cruz the other day 
>for >demanding opposition. > >I don't see the 
>future out there.  I see the light of an 
>oncoming >locomotive at the other end of the 
>tunnel. > >SDL > >On 5/2/16 11:56 AM, Stephen 
>Frye wrote: >> It's everywhere.  I tend to think 
>it's more pronounced than in previous years.  We 
>get a lot of questions form our former students 
>( and their families) in Western Europe. >> >> 
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>season.......  I can't go into the quiet 
>neighborhood bar for a cold one after work 
>without getting an overdose of 
>politics.  November can't come soon 
>enough..  Tom T-Mobile. America's First 
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><northgate76 at gmail.com> wrote: >> >>> Same here, 
>Stephen.  The list seems to have died or gone 
>black. >>> >>> On Sun, May 1, 2016 at 9:03 PM, 
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>wrote: >>> >>>> Just wondering of anyone is 
>posting anything.  I haven’t seen a >>>> 
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