[Rushtalk] Poland buries remains of World War II resistance commander

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         If someone is buried in a "mass grave", 
how do they know who is in there and whose 
remains are whose?!? Do they do DNA tests on everything? - jaq

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>Poland buries remains of World War II resistance commander
>By the Associated Press | April 24, 2016 | 4:35 PM EDT AddThis Sharing
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>Young men dressed in World War II Polish Army 
>uniforms walk next to the coffin with the 
>remains of Zygmunt Szendzielarz during his 
>funeral in Warsaw, Poland, Sunday, April 24, 
>2016. Polish President Andrzej Duda and 
>government ministers have taken part in the 
>state burial of Szendzielarz, a World War II 
>resistance commander and communist regime victim 
>whose remains were found in a hidden mass grave. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz)
>WARSAW, Poland (AP) ­ Poland's president and 
>government ministers attended the state burial 
>Sunday of a World War II resistance commander 
>and communist regime victim whose remains were found in a hidden mass grave.
>The funeral at Warsaw's Powazki military 
>cemetery was part of democratic Poland's efforts 
>to remind the nation about facts and figures 
>from the past that were taboo themes under 
>decades of communism ­ for example, resistance 
>against the regime and the persecution it was met with.
>The current conservative government of the Law 
>and Justice party is especially focused on 
>honoring wartime and communist-era independence 
>fighters who were imprisoned, executed and 
>secretly dumped in unmarked mass graves by the 
>communist regime in the 1940s and '50s. Only a 
>few of the graves have been found.
>One of the victims was Col. Zygmunt 
>Szendzielarz, codename "Lupaszka," who was 
>executed in a Warsaw prison in 1951, aged 41. An 
>officer of a mounted regiment, he fought against 
>the Nazi German and Soviet invasion in September 
>1939 and later led an underground resistance movement.
>He continued his fight for Poland's sovereignty 
>after communism was imposed on Poland in 1945. 
>Secret security agents arrested him in 1948 and he was given a death sentence.
>"Today, 65 years later, as we honor Col. 
>Szendzielarz with these ceremonies, we are 
>giving Poland its dignity back," President 
>Andrzej Duda said during a funeral Mass at the 
>Powazki church. "Dignity that was trampled by 
>those who tortured and murdered" Szendzielarz.
>"Today, Poland has top authorities who remember, 
>honor and appreciate" such fighters, Duda said.
>Szendzielarz's remains were found in 2013 among 
>dozens of others, buried in sand under wild 
>grass in a Powazki corner. Szendzielarz and some 
>others were identified through DNA tests. A 
>white stone memorial has been since put up at the site.
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