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At 09:51 AM 5/28/2016, Stephen Frye wrote:
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>I know that there are many – hundreds, thousands 
> “ of worthwhile articles (and an order of 
>magnitude more lousy ones).  But here I get the 
>most enjoyment (and frustration J ) from reading 
>the thoughts of our posters.  A couple of years 
>ago, four out of five postings were articles from somewhere else.
>AS an aside, I recently read an article about 
>the Olympics on Fox.  It was riddled with 
>grammatical misusages and abominable 
>punctuation.  But it would all have passed spell 
>check.  I don’t know which is sadder:  that 
>the author doesn’t know any better, or that his editor didn’t either.
>In high school, I would have received an “F” for a paper like that.
>Oh well.  Time to get off my soap 
>box.  Rejoice.  In four weeks I'll be in Alaska, 
>and in six months we'll be visiting Iceland!

         I hope you like cold weather, Stephen. 
Personally, I wait all year for hot weather and 
even though I sweat my brains out umpiring when 
it's above 80 (like today it was 88 in the 
Pittsburgh-area and I was doing the plate), I 
still would rather be warm than cold. I'm 
creeping up on 60 and arthritis is kicking my backside (and HARD!). -   jaq

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>Thanks Stephen.. I may get time to do a column this weekend..
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>On May 27, 2016, at 7:40 PM, Stephen Frye 
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>His commas need a lot of work, too.  Article 
>almost seems as if it were written by two different people.
>Oh well.  Yet as I have maintained for years, I 
>would far rather read what the people in this 
>group have to write as opposed to just having 
>folks upload the works of others.  Severely 
>lacking in originality.  Anyone can post the 
>work of someone else.  That requires no effort or thought at all.
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>Nicely written.  Now if he could just get rid of 
>those apostrophes that don't belong.......
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>On May 27, 2016, at 10:20 AM, Carl Spitzer 
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>An interesting take on Donald Trump
>Gingrich view of Trump....
>"Understanding Donald Trump"
> From The Washington Times, by Newt Gingrich of 
> the Council on Foreign Relations
>Donald Trump is a genuine phenomenon. He may or 
>may not become the Republican nominee for 
>president. He may or may not win the presidency 
>even if he becomes the nominee. Yet it is clear 
>that he is a phenomenon and that any history of 
>the 2016 presidential race will have to spend a 
>good bit of time analyzing Trump and his impact.
> From the time he announced on June 16, Trump 
> has dominated social and mainstream media. He 
> dominates the conversation despite the lack of 
> paid advertising. Trump says outrageous things 
> and his supporters shrug it off. At every turn, 
> his poll numbers continue to rise.
>As a step toward understanding this amazing 
>performance, I spent part of the Christmas break 
>reading his first bestseller, ‘The Art of the 
>Deal’. Written in 1987, this book is a classic 
>among American business books and has influenced 
>a generation of entrepreneurs. Trump wrote 
>‘The Art of the Deal’ when he was 41 years 
>old and having a successful run. The book’s 
>popularity contributed to Time Magazine’s 
>decision to feature Donald Trump on its cover in January 1989.
>The portrait that emerges from this easy-to-read 
>and remarkably interesting book is of an 
>aggressive, ambitious person who is constantly 
>pushing, constantly learning, and always seeking 
>the next challenge. Reporters and analysts who 
>are trying to understand Trump would be well 
>served by slowing down and reading this nearly three-decade-old bestseller.
>They would discover that Donald Trump has 
>developed a remarkable set of rules and 
>principles that allow him to make decisions with 
>incredible speed. Trump knows a lot, but what is 
>amazing is how rapidly he figures out what he doesn’t know.
>My favorite story is of the Wollman Skating Rink in New York’s Central Park.
>The Wollman Rink was a heavily used public 
>skating rink which had fallen into disrepair in 
>1980. New York City tried for six years to fix 
>it, spent $13 million, and the rink still was 
>not ready to open. In June of 1986 Trump, who 
>could see the rink from his apartment, finally 
>got tired of the embarrassment and offered to 
>fix the rink at his own expense. At first the 
>city turned him down because its bureaucracy did 
>not want to be embarrassed by someone fixing 
>something they couldn’t fix. Trump kept 
>pushing and finally out of embarrassment the city gave in.
>The key part of the story is Trump’s reaction 
>to being put in charge. He promptly recognized 
>that he didn’t know anything about fixing a 
>skating rink. He asked himself who built a lot 
>of skating rinks. “Canadians!” he concluded. 
>He found the best Canadian ice skating rink 
>construction company. When the Canadians flew in 
>to assess the situation, they were amazed at how 
>bad the city had been at solving the problem. 
>They assured Trump that this was an easy job. 
>Trump fixed the six year embarrassment two 
>months ahead of schedule and nearly $800,000 
>under-budget. (The city did end up paying for 
>the work, and Trump donated the profits to charity.)
>After reading this chapter you begin to think 
>that maybe Donald Trump really could build a 
>wall along our southern border for a lot less 
>than our current government estimates.
>‘The Art of the Deal’ is filled with stories 
>like this — stories of common sense stories oof 
>calculated risk taking, and stories of 
>innovation and marketing. Anyone who would like 
>to better understand Donald Trump would be 
>helped by reading this remarkable book.
>Another is his pledges and I have no way of 
>knowing if he will make good on all of them but 
>I do agree with all of them. Trump is the only 
>candidate that is serious about building The 
>Wall" ! Two other important pledges Trump has 
>made that no other candidate of either party has 
>matched ! First deportation of millions of 
>illegals that are demanding and costing American 
>taxpayers billions of dollars and second Closing 
>34 Muslim traing Camps throughout our country! I 
>Here is another that kind of wraps up my feelings about Trump
>Raccoon's in your basement! An interesting analogy
>You've been on vacation for two weeks, you come 
>home, and your basement is infested with 
>raccoon's. Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean 
>raccoon's have overtaken your basement. You want 
>them gone immediately so you hire a guy. A pro. 
>You don't care if the guy smells, you need those 
>raccoon's gone pronto and he's the guy to do it! 
>You don't care if the guy swears, you don't care 
>if he's an alcoholic, you don't care how many 
>times he's been married,you don't care if he 
>voted for Obama, you don't care if he has 
>plumber's crack...you simply want those raccoon's gone!
>You want your problem fixed! He's the guy. He's 
>the best. Period. That's why we need Trump. Yes 
>he's a bit of an ass, yes he's an egomaniac, but you don't care.
>The country is a mess because politicians suck, 
>the Republican Party is two-faced & gutless, 
>illegal's are everywhere. You want it all fixed! 
>You don't care that Trump is crude, you don't 
>care that he insults people, you don't care that 
>he had been friendly with Hillary, you don't 
>care that he has changed positions, you don't 
>care that he's been married 3 times, you don't 
>care that he fights with Megyn Kelly and Rosie 
>O'Donnell, you don't care that he doesn't know 
>the name of some Muslin terrorist,...this 
>country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are 
>making fun of us, we are being invaded by 
>illegal's, we are becoming a nation of victims 
>where every Tom, Ricardo and Hamad is a special 
>interest group with special rights to a point 
>where we don't even recognize the country we were born and raised in;
>“AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED” and Trump is the 
>only guy who seems to understand what the people want.
>You're sick of politicians, sick of the 
>Democratic Party, Republican Party, and sick of 
>illegal's. You just want this thing fixed. Trump 
>may not be a saint, but doesn't have any 
>lobbyist money influencing him, he doesn't have 
>political correctness restraining him, all you 
>know is that he has been very successful, a good 
>negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and 
>he's also not a politician, so he's not a 
>cowardly politician. And he says he'll fix it. 
>You don't care if the guy has bad hair. You just 
>want those raccoon's gone. Out of your house!
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