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October 23, 2016

Why I am not voting for Hillary

By Emily Riley
If anyone can give me three reasons to vote for her, I’ll listen.  The
reasons cannot be that she is a woman (I don’t care what is between a
person’s legs – it is not a qualification), she is
‘experienced’ (experienced is not the same as qualified – there are many
‘experienced’ people in prison), or that she is pro-abortion (this is
too important of an election to be a one-issue voter.  Trump is pro-life
but he wants to leave the decision up to the states, not 5 people on the
Supreme Court).  With that said, I’ve enumerated the most important (not
all) of the reasons why I will not vote for Hillary.

     1. She ignored hundreds of requests for more security at the
        American Embassy in Benghazi Libya from now deceased ambassador
        Christopher Stevens.  Then after four Americans died due to her
        ignoring those requests, she lied to the parents of the deceased
        Americans that it was due to a video when she knew at the time
        that wasn’t what happened.  When congress questioned her about
        what did happen, her response to four dead Americans was “What
        difference, at this point, does it make?”  It makes a lot of
        difference when she is asking for the job to protect all
     2. She used a private server to hide her pay-for-play as she sold
        Secretary of State favors to her donors (US individuals and
        companies, as well as foreign governments) using her Clinton
        Foundation as a slush fund to get paid off.  All the while
        exposing government secrets on her unsecured email to anyone who
        hacked in - then lying about it when caught.  Even the head of
        the FBI said there were confidential emails that were exposed.
        She claimed they were not ‘marked’ confidential but anyone in
        her position should have known the content being discussed was
        confidential.  She also deleted thousands of emails while under
        subpoena to provide them.  How many of us would get away with
     3. She facilitated the sale of uranium to Russia as part of her pay
        to play using the Clinton Foundation as the means for her to get
        paid for the ‘favor.’
     4. She facilitated the chaos in the Middle East by pushing
        policies, like supporting the removal of stable leaders in Egypt
        and Libya, bungling Syria causing the need for the relocation of
        millions from the area to find safety and disrupt other nations
        to accommodate these millions.  They may not have been perfect
        leaders but they were far better than what has happened after
        their removal.  So why is Hillary lecturing us that we have a
        duty to help these refugees when she helped create the mess that
        caused the problem in the first place?  How many refugees are
        living in her neighborhood? 
     5. She opens our doors to an influx of refugees from the Middle
        East and flooding across our borders when it has been admitted
        there is no way to properly vet them.  There are no background
        checks available in the countries they are coming from.  This
        puts all of us in jeopardy, just as Chris Stevens was in
        Benghazi.  Her lack of concern for Ambassador Chris Stevens in
        Benghazi is the same as her lack of concern for the rest of us
        here.  Germans are now fleeing their own country because of what
        the influx of immigrants from the Middle East are doing to their
        country.  Where are we going to flee to?
     6. Gun control – while she lives in a gated community surrounded by
        security and armed guards, she wants the rest of us to be at the
        mercy of the illegals and the guns pouring across our border.
        Gun laws only work on the law-abiding.  Those who break the laws
        don’t follow them, including gun laws.  As we see time and time
        again, ‘gun free zones’ are just killing fields for those who
        laugh at the laws.
     7. She is okay with partial birth abortion.  This procedure kills a
        viable baby moments before it is born.  The mother has already
        gone through the whole pregnancy and goes through labor to
        deliver the baby but, just before the baby is fully delivered,
        the doctor punctures the base of the brain to create an opening
        to suck out the brain.  How is this for the health of the
        mother?  She has already gone through every stage of the
        pregnancy, including childbirth.  How is killing the baby at
        this point for the mother’s health?
     8. She has a very bad memory.  Every time she is caught in doing
        something wrong she conveniently forgets as to why she did it.
        We don’t let our own children get away with this, why does she?
     9. She claims to be “for the children” and yet she defended a
        rapist against a 12-year-old little girl (Kathy Shelton) by
        painting the innocent child as wanting it (to be raped) and
        smearing her, then she laughed about her success over the child.
        That’s the very definition of a bully, not a leader.
    10. She claims to be “for women” and yet she smeared and maligned
        the women her husband molested and raped.  Evidently she is only
        pro woman at voting time and as long as the women are on her
        side.  By the way, she pays men much more than women in her own
    11. Scandals – Hillary and Bill Clinton have been involved in more
        scandals than anyone else in the history of politics.  No one,
        who is surrounded by that many scandals, is just a victim.
        Where there is smoke, there is fire.
    12. The Supreme Court – There will be at least one and possibly as
        many as two more lifetime appointments to the Court in the next
        presidential term.  There are two types of candidates:  the ones
        who view laws that are passed by the states and Congress as
        measured against the Constitution to determine if they line up
        or not; and the ones that impose their collective view on the
        American people regardless of the Constitution’s actual text.
        Hillary will select the latter and will effectively have 5, or
        more, people overrule the American voter on every issue that the
        progressives want to impose regardless if it is constitutional,
        or not, or the collective view of the American people
    13. Taxation – She wants to tax the rich and grow the size of
        government.  The reality is, is that the rich don’t pay more
        taxes; they just pass the cost on to the consumer or hire
        accountants to find ways to avoid them.  So who really pays for
        tax increases to pay for the new Hillary bloated government?
        The rest of us.   Hillary’s trickle down taxes will just
        increase the cost to everyone of everything.  Trump wants to
        lower taxes and grow the economy for everyone.  It has been
        proven time and time again that lower taxes increase economic
        growth and thereby increase the tax base to support government. 
    14. If the worst they can find about Trump is that he says naughty
        things in private, I’ll take him over the corrupt liar Hillary
        any day.  He is not a politician so he is not polished but he is
        a success and wants to give the rest of us the opportunity to be
        successful too.  He wants the laws to apply to everyone and
        upheld at every level of government. 



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