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                          From AIC Foundation
                     A Border Wall Alone Won’t Work
   Many Americans believe that the solution to illegal immigration is
 simply building a wall on the Mexican border. Building more fencing in
 strategic areas could be helpful, but a barrier by itself is virtually
  useless without adequate manpower on the ground to prevent intruders
 from breaching it, digging under it, or climbing over it. Furthermore,
     the political will must exist to apprehend and send home those
              foreigners who violate our immigration laws.
Last month KUSI News in San Diego did a report [see link below] dealing
  with these issues and offering some disturbing revelations. It noted
that the border south of San Diego is heavily fenced, but there are not
   enough Border Patrol agents available to keep that border secure.
 Congress has authorized funding to provide an adequate force, but the
                       agents haven’t been hired.
  But even more disturbing, 90 percent of illegal entrants taken into
custody in the San Diego sector are simply released on the American side
 of the border. The reason is that while illegal migration of Mexicans
  has declined, migration from other parts of the world has increased.
 These latter migrants have learned that all they have to do to stay in
                 the U.S. is to claim political asylum.
As the broadcast reveals, they actually seek out Border Patrol agents to
 make these claims. Doing so helps to expedite their applications. Then
usually they are let go after promising to return for an asylum hearing.
These applications are commonly bogus because genuine seekers can obtain
     protection in the first country they enter after leaving their
  homelands. When they go through other counties to reach the U.S. the
   likelihood is that they are economic migrants rather than genuine
 The broadcast concludes that fences and other measures to stop illegal
immigration will not be effective without leadership in Washington which
   is committed to making enforcement work. The Obama Administration
  clearly isn’t. Please help spread the word about this situation for
  forwarding this e-newsletter to your friends and family members. s. 
                American Immigration Control Foundation
                          222 West Main Street
                        Monterey, Virginia 24465

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