[Rushtalk] We won! Marijuana is be legal for adults as of midnight.

Carl Spitzer cwsiv at juno.com
Wed Nov 9 08:01:25 MST 2016

California may be the stupid state which gave the bitch a chance to
destroy America but we got at least one right.

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From: Lynne Lyman, Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform
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Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2016 04:41:13 +0000

                            Carl, we did it!
  Prop 64 has passed, and with it, marijuana is legal for adults as of
     This happened because people on both the left and the right in
government, law enforcement, criminal justice and social justice reform
   came together to craft a bill that made sense. And of course, huge
respect and appreciation for the many marijuana activists who have been
 waging this battle for decades, from the first legalization measure in
1972, Prop 215 in 1996, to Prop 19 in 2010, we could not have done this
                              without you.
As a result, California will reap enormous financial benefits, and those
 with marijuana-related misdemeanors and felonies will be able to have
 their records cleared, freeing them up for new jobs and opportunities.
 We have ended decades of harmful approaches to marijuana, and created
 what will be the world's largest market. New jobs and new revenue will
   Thank you for all of the support you've given the campaign – from
                     donations to volunteer hours.
 There will be those that try to interfere with implementation of Prop
 64. We will have to keep pushing, but that's a fight for another day.
Don’t doubt it, once we catch up on some sleep and see our families, the
 Drug Policy Action team will be reaching back out to you to help with
  Tonight, let’s celebrate sensible and just marijuana reform and this
                      long-in-the-making victory.
                            With gratitude,
                              -Lynne Lyman
              Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform
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     Drug Policy Action, 1330 Broadway Suite 1426, Oakland CA 94612
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