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RedState editorial

Posted at 6:35 am on November 9, 2016 by Caleb Howe

It happened. Donald Trump has been elected President of the United
States of America.

Donald. Trump. The President.

Everything you know about him remains true. The lying. The conspiracy
theories. The erratic behavior, capriciousness, disrespect, lack of
policy specifics, lack of commitment to Republican planks and
conservative values and the constitution. That’s all still true. It
doesn’t go away. You can be mad. It’s allowed. I hereby validate your

So yes, you may consider this election a disaster, and you would be
right. But you are wrong if you consider the disaster a surprise. We
told you that both options were terrible. We told you that no matter who
won, it would suck.

One of them won. It sucks. Nailed it.

Of course, which one of them won may be a total surprise. Of our front
page contributors (past and present) who offered predictions on the
outcome of the race yesterday, only one person picked a Trump win: Dan
Spencer. Everyone else picked Hillary. (Well, except for me, I picked

All the polling data was wrong as well. Yes, pollsters are out and
pundits are out saying they weren’t wrong per se, but folks: they were
wrong. The models were wrong, the predictions were wrong, the electoral
maps were wrong. Even the RNC’s internal projection was wrong.

It’s tempting to say “against anyone other than Hillary …” but don’t.

President-Elect Trump’s Victory Speech (Video)
Dan Spencer

Everybody was wrong except for Donald Trump, who guaranteed a win and
delivered. Trump said he would dominate the primaries. He did. He said
he would sweep the general election. He did. He said he would expand the
map. He did. He said he would bring GOP wins along with him across the
country. He did.

Donald Trump said he would do better among black and Hispanic voters
than Mitt Romney. HE. DID.

Donald Trump didn’t just win. He crushed the Democrats. Democrats across
the country lost their races. The GOP controls the House, the Senate,
the White House (Gold House?), the governor’s offices. State races were
won. Kentucky’s state House of Representatives, the last blue holdout in
the south and Dem dominated since the 1920s, went GOP.

And not just the Democrats. He defeated the media, just as he said he
would. He defeated the establishment pretty universally. Just like he

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no two ways about this. Trump delivered
exactly what he promised. Total, absolute, unmitigated victory.

We here at RedState scoffed at these Trump promises. We were wrong. He
did exactly, exactly, what he said he would.

Usually, the winning party doesn’t need to figure out what they did
wrong. That should be the Democrats this time. And don’t worry, it will
be. They got their butts handed to them and they are in disbelief. But
the Republican party needs to figure out where it went wrong, too.

Most of us know most of what they did wrong, starting with “Too Big to
Fail.” But the party, both the leadership and much of the rank and file,
never really believed Trump had a mandate. Never believed America would
choose him. But they, too, were totally wrong. And they need to figure
out why.

Here at RedState we have a few ideas about that, and we’ll share them,
in time.

You and I know that we have a very big share of the #NeverTrump voters
in our readership, and those readers are rightly stunned at last night’s
result. We must address it.

>From the time of my #NeverHillary post through my endorsement of Gary
Johnson (oy), and up through the last few weeks both here and on social
media, I have said over and over that there was no good option and no
good outcome, because that is what I believed to be the case. The people
who hate #NeverTrump and non-Trump conservatives disregarded that or
didn’t believe that I and others meant it. Today, I know there are some
conservatives who opposed Trump who likewise did not believe or were
just not fully committed to the idea that a Hillary win was equally as
terrible. Not all of them, just some. They among Republicans have been
hit hardest, because last night they were invested in his loss and not
hers. That is twice as much of a loss. It is twice as hard to swallow.
To you, my friends, I can only tell you that your frustration and anger
are every bit as valid and politically relevant as the frustration and
anger of those who voted for him. If the GOP wants to win again in the
future, they should learn the lesson of 2016 and not ignore or dismiss
your objections and dissent.

We who chose to oppose Donald Trump, or who chose to oppose both major
party candidates, must also do rather than just say. The GOP, still
nominally the political home for conservatives, now has the power to
actually effect change. The ability to reverse Obamacare, for one. To
address immigration. Don’t let them do it without you.

So yes, it’s okay to be mad and frustrated and even heartbroken. But
don’t be lazy or sullen or a quitter. Take the lumps. I was wrong. You
were wrong. Trump said he could do it, we didn’t believe him, and he did

He did it. Do you see? He said he could, and he did. The new question
is: what else can he do?

In closing, let me address one other item. The ugly, gross, newly
empowered group known as the alt-right are going to see this as a
validation of their vile worldview. They will see this as a successful
conquest and takeover of the Republican party. If you leave, and leave
it to them, then they have what they wish. A party, a platform, and the
reins of power. Do you want racist xenophobes to have that kind of power
in the United States? No?

Then don’t hand it to them. In January, begin holding President Trump
(which he will be) accountable. Hold your representatives and senators
accountable. Do what political activists are supposed to do, especially
conservative activists. Fight the bad, encourage the good. Fight the
power, and also use it.

We’re going to have to rebuild the conservative movement. Maybe one day,
maybe even soon, that might mean a different party. But right now and
for the foreseeable future, you should have one goal in mind. To put it
in the parlance of the social media armies: don’t let the haters win.


And if none of that makes you feel any better, think about one other
thing: the most incorrect people of all are the conservative writers,
pundits, celebrities, radio hosts, and social media mavens who dedicated
the vast majority of the last year to berating and belittling every
conservative who refused to board the Trump train. What a waste of time.
For all their histrionics and whining, we were right when we said that
#NeverTrump wouldn’t turn the tide of the election, and they were wrong.
Wronger than you. The wrongest. Their divisiveness did not save the
election, Trump won handily, but it certainly brought destruction to the
ranks of the Republican party. The party they now need to come together
in support of their guy. What a dumb move on their part. Just like you
told them.

There, better right?

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