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*Hillary’s crybabies need to grow up*


*Miranda Devine*


*November 19, 2016 9:00pm*



Their placards read Love Trumps Hate but it’s the other way around for 
them. Refusing to accept the verdict of the ­people unless it goes their 
way, they beat up suspected Trump voters, torch cars, break windows and 
injure police officers.

The impression is of a profound sense of entitlement.

They demand “dump Trump” because they are so certain of their moral 
superiority. They think if they splash around lazy insults, “racist, 
sexist, Islamophobe, homophobe”, they’ve won the argument.

They describe a vote for Trump as a “hate crime”. Yet they ignore actual 
hate crimes, like the bashing of a 15-year-old boy wearing a “Make 
America Great Again” hat in Maryland, or a 24-year-old on the subway in 
New York wearing the red Trump cap, or a 50-year-old man in Chicago 
suspected of being a Trump supporter ­because he was white.

Imagine if it were a Clinton voter who had copped beatings; it would be 
reported as the end of civilisation and evidence of the utter depravity 
of Trump voters.

If you needed proof for why Trump won the election, look no further than 
the hypocrisy of the left’s crybabies and sore losers, even now 
imagining they can bully their way into refusing Trump the job he won 
fair and square.

And where is President Obama, as his cities erupt? In Germany, with 
Angela Merkel, refusing to call for peace: “I would not advise people 
who feel strongly (about) the campaign.
I wouldn’t advise them to be silent.”

Why hasn’t Clinton called off her goons? Why isn’t she urging that 
“peaceful transition of power” she was so big on when she thought she 
had the election in the bag?

She’s been at home, feeling sorry for herself. When she finally emerged 
for her first public function since the election on Friday, she was 
hailed as a feminist hero for not wearing makeup or brushing her hair. 
It was a deliberate statement, but what did it mean, other than to 
enhance the self-pity in which she is wallowing?

“There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is 
just curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house 
again”, she said, crying out for sympathy, but not ­respect.

Thus the anti-Trump protesters are being encouraged by their 
establishment elders, who ought to be setting a good example but instead 
have resolved their loss by turbocharging their contempt for the 

“Trump won because voters are ignorant, literally,” wrote Jason Brennan 
in Foreign Policy magazine.

But when anyone bothered to ask real Trump voters why they did it, as 
the Washington Post did last week, the answers defy the stereotypes.

“I am a gay millennial woman and I voted for Trump because I oppose the 
political correctness movement which has become a fascist ideology of 
silence and ­ignorance,” Samantha Styler, 21, of Arizona, wrote.

Deniz Dolun, 22, of Florida: “My entire family — five Muslim immigrants 
from Turkey — voted for Trump because of the Democratic Party’s 
pandering to Islamism. As people who have actually experienced Islamism 
in its purest form... we supported the candidate who promised to help us 
fight that issue.”

Christopher Todd, 53, of Florida: “I voted for Trump on the calculated 
bet that he would nominate conservative Supreme Court justices. If 
people want to permit gay marriage or abortion for any reason, then make 
both legal through the legislature, not via an unelected oligarchy 
rewriting the Constitution.”

Lori Myers, 51, of Texas, wrote: “I voted for Trump ­because the media 
was so ­incredibly biased. They were ­unhinged in their obvious role as 
the Clinton campaign propaganda machine.”

In Australia, everyone from Bill Shorten to Pauline Hanson has tried to 
shoehorn the Trump narrative into their own ambition.

Tony Abbott and his boosters are trying to channel Trump’s populism into 
a comeback. But Abbott is part of the problem that Trumpism is reacting 
against: conservative politicians who wimp out once they win power.

Abbott could have been the civilised, conservative Trump of the 
Antipodes, but the minute he got into office he stopped being Abbott.

He surrounded himself with “moderates”, and bent over to the left on 
everything from 18C to Safe Schools to higher taxes, fouling the nest 
for budget repair and ultimately losing his job. Seeing Trump’s success 
at punching through, you get the impression Abbott wishes now he had 
been bolder, but it is too late.

His most telling error was to exile Senator Cory Bernardi for his 
outspoken defence of traditional marriage. Bernardi’s career suffered 
because he never jettisoned his values to appease the left, but his 
reputation was only enhanced. In exile, he has become a formidable 
conservative warrior, building a network of 50,000 supporters in his 
Australian Conservatives movement. On secondment to the UN in New York 
for three months, he was almost unique in the Australian political 
establishment in cheering a Trump victory. His 2014 manifesto, “The 
Conservative Revolution” foreshadowed Trump and Hanson.

If Malcolm Turnbull ­really wanted to succeed as PM, and preside over a 
broad church Liberal Party, he would bring Bernardi in from the cold. 
Bernardi could save the government from itself.



*Liberals Can’t Cope with Trump’s Win**


*Conservative Zone**



The surprise victory of Republican Donald Trump in the presidential 
election caught so many liberals and progressives off-guard that the 
number and variety of mechanisms they’re using to cope with his win is 
truly stupefying.

Before Election Day, progressives around the country were completely 
smug in their attitude that a Hillary Clinton triumph was all but 
inevitable; in fact, several news outlets and pundits had predicted a 
landslide blowout, or at least a romp through all or many of the key 
swing states that Donald Trump needed to win to even remain competitive 
in the race.

As Election Night wore on, however, smugness gave way to fear, which, in 
turn, gave way to nausea as state after state turned red for Trump — 
even states that had been considered Democratic strongholds such as 
Michigan and Wisconsin where Clinton had barely even campaigned.

In the end, electoral math became impossible to ignore, and Clinton’s 
hope for eking out a marginal victory was all but lost after her defeat 
in Pennsylvania was announced. Clinton herself was nowhere to be found 
at her campaign’s Election Night headquarters at the Javits Center in 
Manhattan, forcing her campaign Chairman John Podesta to announce to the 
crowd gathered there that Clinton wouldn’t appear to give a speech until 
the following morning.

*Reports later surfaced that Clinton had become violent toward her staff 
when she learned of the finality of her loss, and there are rumors that 
she drowned her sorrows heavily in alcohol in the days following.*

Not reappearing in public until a week after her abbreviated concession 
speech, Clinton admitted at a Children’s Defense Fund gala that “coming 
here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing” and that after the election she 
had “wanted to curl up and never leave the house again.”

She looked like death warmed over, leading many to suspect that she had 
indeed indulged in a drinking binge on Election Night, and her newfound 
appearance was likely closer to her daily reality than the face most of 
us saw throughout her campaign, which was caked with TV-studio makeup 
that assistants applied liberally.

Even worse than Clinton’s own reaction to her loss was the despondency 
of her fans and supporters in the days following the election, as tears 
flowed and pleas for divine intervention were uttered. There were 
petitions circulated online to encourage members of the Electoral 
College to switch their votes and calls for the Electoral College to be 

*Neither scenario was likely, however, and Democrats took to wearing 
safety pins as visual signals that they could be relied on to be 
“islands of tolerance and safety” in a sea of supposed hatred and 

Social media posts encouraged those who were fearful of racial or sexist 
violence to band together to “support” one another through this “hard 
time” while /The New York Times/ published a “12-Step Program for 
Responding to President-Elect Trump.”

Among its steps: “avoiding demonizing people,” “eating Chobani yogurt” 
and “signing up on the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ website.”

Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus (who tweeted a video of 
herself crying) and Katy Perry communicated their messages of prayer and 
despair, which vaguely urged women to “fight for their lives” and that 
the “revolution is coming.”

Michael Moore attempted to convince a great number of his followers that 
Trump’s impeachment was imminent. Movie stars who had threatened to 
leave the country if Trump won had their bluff called and virtually en 
masse stated through their publicists that they never really meant that 
they would leave and that the correct course of action now was to battle 
the incoming administration.

*In the initial wake of Clinton’s defeat, colleges actually handed out 
coloring books and Play-doh to students who were too lost in their own 
sorrow to be able to function as adults. At Cornell University, a 
“cry-in” was held, with students chalking sorrowful messages on the 
pavement of their quad, and tissues and chocolate were distributed to 
the poor suffering, shattered snowflakes.*

At institutions around the country, classes were canceled, and a 
professor at Rutgers University was committed to psychiatric care for 
ominously tweeting that he planned to kill “white people.”

He was not the only one to make or utter similar threats. Startup CEO of 
the firm PacketSled, Matt Harrigan, was released from his company 
following a threat he made on Facebook to bump off the newly elected 
president. Harrigan later tried to blame alcohol for his foolishness.

At some private secondary schools in New York City, “therapy dogs” were 
supplied to anxious children, who were likely upset by their parents’ 
inability to deal with the upset result that rattled Wall Street 
markets, media companies and diplomatic consulates.

In one of the most hilarious reports of an attempt to cope with the bad 
news, television star Lena Dunham of the show Girls was photographed in 
the remote hills of Sedona, Arizona, seeking “guidance” from a rock 
formation there.

Dunham wrote on Instagram that the “canyon” she was hiking through told 
her that “this week is going to be revolutionary, and so I threw my arms 
open and said ‘bring it.’

*Of course, for some Hillary supporters, the answer was violence, and 
demonstrators were captured on video smashing windows, starting fires 
and harassing Trump voters (whether they were real or mistaken as such). 
Over 100 arrests were made around the country as marches were held in at 
least 200 cities, many of them instigated via propaganda and 
organization paid for by billionaire George Soros.*

There were threats made to rape both Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump. As 
it turns out, many of these demonstrators hadn’t bothered to vote at 
all, and so, the suspicion that these “insta-protests” were paid-for 
events grew to epic proportions.

Political and business leaders got in on the act, with GrubHub CEO Matt 
Maloney issuing an email to his employees that demanded the resignation 
of any workers who agreed with the “nationalist, anti-immigrant and 
hateful politics of Donald Trump.” Later, Maloney tried to deny that he 
had written his email (despite copies being circulated online).

In the end, all the grieving and the mourning may not bring Democrats 
much solace, but the remaining 45 days or so of the Obama presidency 
might provide some small comfort as the false hope and change promised 
by the one-time Illinois Senator gives way to real transformation 
delivered by a genuine Washington outsider — President-Elect Donald Trump.

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