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​Not Seen in the White Housein Eight Years!Prayer in the White House





President Trump, his two eldest sons, Vice President Pence and wife
Karen, Reince Priebus, and Justice Scalia’s widow Maureen and son Fr.
Paul Scalia, among others, praying with Supreme Court nominee Neil
Gorsuch and his wife Marie Louise in the White House.


The time taken to publicly pray for the Senate confirmation and future
career of man who may become one of America’s top decision-makers for
decades to come is a momentous occasion for Christians who considered
Trump’s Supreme Court pick to be a primary reason for voting for him.


As the Supreme Court, and lower circuit courts, have increasingly pulled
America away from Biblical principles, it is refreshing to see a
presidential administration’s focus turned back toward God in helping
lead our country.


It's an event that the Left might consider outrageous (on federal
property); but it is gratifying to see. 



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