[Rushtalk] The Great Wall Of China Built To Keep Out Undocumented Mongol Immigrants

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The Great Wall Of China Built To Keep Out Undocumented Mongol Immigrants

By Don Feder
February 22, 2017

       "Immigrants" is a word tinged with nostalgia, especially for
those of us whose forebears came over in what was called steerage. It
conjures up sepia-colored images of Shawn, Silvio or Shlomo standing on
deck with their families, staring in awe at the Statue of Liberty as
their ship steamed into New York Harbor. 

       These are the immigrants of legend: hard-working, law-abiding,
eager to assimilate, fiercely patriotic – and here legally. 

       Last Thursday's national "Day Without Immigrants," was not about
such immigrants. 

       Fake news? How about fake labeling? When the media say
"immigrants," or "undocumented immigrants," or (my favorite)
"undocumented workers," they mean illegal aliens. In all of the annals
of media bias, nothing else comes close to the agenda-driven coverage of
illegal immigration. 

       "Day Without Immigrants Shuts Down Businesses Nationwide," CNN
confided. "Immigrant Community On High Alert, Fearing Trump's
'Deportation Force.'" warned the Washington Post. "Reports of Raids Have
Immigrants Bracing for Enforcement Surge," cautioned The New York Times,
and "Without Immigrants, the U.S. Economy Would Be a Disaster, Experts
Say," insisted ABC. 

       Believe it or not, Trump is not planning to expel naturalized
citizens or put resident aliens in leg irons. The media just want you to
think that. 

       It was said that some businesses had to close on the Day Without
Immigrants because they couldn't do without their illegal work force.
For restaurants, meatpacking plants and other cheap-labor loving
businesses, illegal aliens are a godsend. They can be paid next to
nothing. Taxpayers make up the difference in welfare, education, law
enforcement and health-care expenditures. 

       When I used the expression "illegal alien" in a conversation with
a municipal worker assigned to handle the needs of the so-called
immigrant community, I was solemnly informed that "no human being is
illegal" (another popular cliché of the left). Carrying this logic a bit
further, an intruder in my home isn't there illegally (because no human
being is illegal); he's an undocumented guest – much like the 12 million
to 20 million who've decided to make themselves uninvited guests of the
United States. 

       Some weren't exactly distraught over the Day Without Immigrants,
which included a student boycott. 

       According to the Los Angeles Times, a number of teachers in the
Jurupa Valley, California High School were delighted. One tweeted that
many of the boycotting students used the occasion "as an excuse to be
lazy and/or get drunk," adding "Best school day ever." Another said
those AWOL were "failing students." Yet another noted that the
"cafeteria was much cleaner after lunch and there were no discipline
issues. More please." 

       Naturally, the educators were all placed on administrative leave
for their shocking insensitivity. Nothing happened to the truants. 

       We need more such days of deprivation. 

       How about a Day Without Immigrant Crime – where those who are
here illegally don't murder, rob, rape or drive drunk for 24 hours.
Appearing with Sean Hannity last week, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos
absurdly claimed that there's a lower crime rate among illegals than
among U.S. citizens. He also confessed that under Donald Trump, "I no
longer recognize this country." That's because he's been living in a
Florida theme park (Liberal Land?) with Mickey and Goofy. 

       Of the 160 arrested in immigration-enforcement actions recently,
150 had criminal histories, including arrests for a variety of offenses,
among them assault and child sex crimes – 95% were adult males. 

       In 1980, there were 9,000 criminal aliens in federal and state
prisons. By 2015, these immigrant success stories accounted for 50,000 –
or 25% of the federal prison population. Another 297,000 were guests of
state and local facilities. The estimated annual cost of the federal
prisoners alone is between $1.5 billion and $1.6 billon. 

       The death of Kate Steinle was widely publicized. The lovely 32
year-old was shot and killed in 2015 by a member of San Francisco's
immigrant community. CNN described him as "undocumented." (Even
murdering an American doesn't merit the designation "illegal.") The
killer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, had seven prior felony
convictions, and had been deported five times. 

       Here's a sampling of other preventable tragedies. All happened in
the last two years: Tessa Tranchant died after an illegal alien
drunk-driver rear-ended her car in Virginia Beach. Sarah Root died after
her car was hit by an illegal drag-racing in Omaha, Nebraska. Shayley
Estes was murdered by her boyfriend, an illegal from Russia, in Phoenix.
Grant Ronnebeck was murdered in Mesa, Arizona by a Mexican newcomer who
was trying to steal a pack of cigarettes from the convenience store
where Ronnebeck worked. This is a fraction of the murders, vehicular
homicides, assaults, rapes, drug offenses and gang violence perpetrated
by members of the immigrant community pursuing the American dream. 

       Why not A Day Without Immigrant Drug-Smuggling? In 2015 more than
50,000 died from drug overdoses in this country. In 2016, 560 pounds of
heroin and 8,000 pounds of methamphetamines were confiscated at the
U.S.-Mexican border. This is nothing compared to what got through. But
the Border Wall that Trump wants to build would limit a D.C. coffee
shop's access to cut-rate busboys and dishwashers. Call it blood for
profits based on substandard wages. 

       How about A Day Without Immigrant-driven unemployment? The U.S.
labor force participation rate is the lowest in 35 years. In 2015, 94
million working-age Americans weren't in the labor force. Between 2003
and 2014, for every job created, there were two new immigrants (most,
forgive me, illegal). 

       Here the victims are those the left professes to care about
deeply: racial minorities, the white working class and legal immigrants.
Is it any wonder that Trump – who made stemming the tide of illegals his
signature issue – carried the rust-belt states of Michigan, Wisconsin
and Pennsylvania in the past election, states that hadn't gone red in
the last 20 years. Leftists in Congress and the media who champion the
undocumented workers community, are working hard to keep it that way. 

       According to a 2013 study by McLaughlin and Associates, in that
year, 13% of non-citizen Hispanics (as many as 2.1 million) were
registered to vote – which could lead to A Day Without Immigrants Voting

       On February 10, Rosa Maria Ortega (a citizen of Mexico who was
living here legally) was sentenced to eight years in prison for voting
illegally in Texas from 2012 to 2014. Ortega said that she thought
living here automatically made her a U.S. citizen. (She probably heard
it from Andrew Cuomo.) Prosecutors rebutted with her application for a
Texas driver's license, where she checked the box that said

       Democrats' passion for illegal aliens extends far beyond voting. 

       It's a cliché that's nonetheless true; the left hates America.
They tell us it's racist to have borders and enforce our immigration
laws. It seeks to undermine American identity, wants us to be a nation
without a common language, and worships what it calls diversity. 

       It views growing illegal immigration as a wrecking ball to smash
everything about this country it despises – basically, everything about
this country. 

       "The Great Wall," the action film staring that predictable
Hollywood leftie Matt Damon, opened last weekend. In the movie, the
5 ,500-mile barrier was built to keep voracious monsters from
overrunning the Middle Kingdom. 

       In reality, this marvel (the only manmade structure that can be
seen from space) was constructed to keep out undocumented Mongol
immigrants, drawn there by the opportunity to be part of the Chinese




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