[Rushtalk] Two American families lives collide in this powerful documentary on Islamic Terrorism

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Losing Our Sons - Full Movie in HD
70 minutes
A searing true story from America’s heartland, Losing Our Sons tells of
two American families whose lives intersected through a shattering act
of violence – the first Al Qaeda murder on American soil since 9/11. 

Melvin Bledsoe, a small business owner in Memphis, watched with pride as
his son Carlos went to Tennessee State University in Nashville to better
his life through education. Daris Long, an ex-Marine, felt honored that
his son, Andy, chose to follow in his footsteps by joining the military.
But when Carlos Bledsoe converted to Islam and murdered Andy Long in
Little Rock, Arkansas, both fathers are forced to confront a new kind of
American nightmare. As Melvin traced the trail that led Carlos from
Nashville to Yemen and then to Little Rock, Daris confronted an American
government that seems to be in denial about what happened to his son. 

This powerful documentary provides a moment of clarity for Americans who
care about their families and their country’s future.



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