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      President Trump Realigning Geo-Political Alliances, and Few Paying

    Posted on April 15, 2017
    by sundance

    Maybe it’s because the complexity is difficult to distill; maybe
    it’s because some just can’t give President Trump any credit; or
    maybe it’s because the scope is too challenging to comprehend
    against the constant belittlement meme du jour; regardless of
    reason, President Trump is fundamentally realigning international
    geo-political alliances and almost no-one is connecting the dots.

    Trump obviously held a long-ball strategy with the Chinese; he’s
    described the approach in his books and lived the approach in his
    business life:

    /At the outset, position yourself at the furthest oppositional point
    when it costs you nothing; then leverage inward toward your opponent
    as they expend their resources to meet your stance/.

    Almost no-one is noting the scope of what President Trump has
    accomplished simply by positioning himself at the furthest extreme
    from the best interests of China, and then working his leverage back
    toward dual-interests as the Chinese expend capital to meet the
    point of mutual benefit.

    President Trump has expended nothing other than his sheer will, and
    yet he has leveraged gains that are jaw-droppingly consequential.

    ♦What’s the goal of identifying China as a currency manipulator?  To
    stop China from manipulating currency, right?  Well, arm-chair
    opposition says President Trump has reversed his position simply by
    ‘not doing something’.   However, that opposition doesn’t seem to
    acknowledge the end-goal of the labeling has been achieved without
    expending an effort.   The /doing/ is unnecessary when merely the
    threat of the doing changes the behavior of /the doer/.

    In two days, April 6th and April 7th, President Trump met with
    Chinese President Xi Jinping.  What actions has President Trump
    taken, other than ‘not’ doing something, and what actions has
    President Xi Jinping taken?


    /At the outset, position yourself at the furthest oppositional point
    when it costs you nothing, and leverage inward toward your opponent
    as they expend their resources to meet your stance/.

    Think about this when considering the consequences:

    ♦China agrees to the framework of a 100 day outline to assemble the
    trade way-points for renegotiated bi-lateral trade deals.

    What did that action cost Trump?

    ♦For the first time ever, China did not support Russia in a U.N.
    Security Council veto vote surrounding Syria.   China abstained.

    What did that action cost Trump?

    ♦China turned around 12 fully loaded cargo ships laden with imported
    coal from North Korea. 400,000 metric tonnes refused unloading.  
    China begins an embargo against North Korean coal. China begins
    importing coking coal for steel-making from the U.S. coal mines.

    What did that action cost Trump?

    ♦Additionally, in furtherance of economic sanctions – China halts
    oil exports to North Korea.

    What did that action cost Trump?

    ♦Additionally, in furtherance of political isolation – China halts
    direct flights between Beijing, China and Pyongyang, North Korea.

    What did that action cost Trump?

    ♦And in the most stunning seismic shift of geo-political alliances,
    China says it is now open to discussions of a denuclearized North
    Korea, meaning getting rid of N-Korean nukes, *WITHOUT* N-Korea
    being included in the talks. *Hello?
    China, the United States, Japan, Russia and South Korea discussing
    how to de-nuke North Korea.  (A new Marshal Plan of sorts)

    What did that action cost Trump?

    See how this works?  What /*affirmative*/ action did President Trump
    have to take in order to get China to move toward the position of
    mutual benefit?

    Answer: None!

    Foolish people think President Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. 

    /…Position yourself at the furthest oppositional point /*/when it
    costs you nothing/*/, and leverage inward toward your opponent as
    they /*/expend their resources/*/to meet the position of mutual
    benefit… /

    To gain all of the aforementioned action, massive benefits in U.S.
    interests, President Trump has done what?

    “Not” labeling China as a currency manipulator is not affirmative
    action.  It is actually the absence of action; POTUS Trump is /not
    doing/ something.  President Trump positioned himself at the
    furthest oppositional point during the election, and immediately

    He staked out this position with an intention to leverage action
    toward his needs.

    The affirmative action President Trump is doing, very publicly, is
    complimenting the friendship he has begun with Xi Jinping; and
    praising President Xi for his character, warmth and leadership.

    To build upon that mutually beneficial friendship – President Trump
    seeded the background by appointing Ambassador Terry Branstad
    a 30-year personal friend of President Xi Jinping.

    To enhance and amplify the friendship and personal respect – U.S.
    President Trump used Mar-a-Lago as the venue for their visit, /not
    the White House/.  And President Trump’s beautiful granddaughter,
    Arabella, sweetly serenaded the Chinese First Family
    in Mandarin Chinese song showing the utmost respect for the honored

    Unfortunately most people are unfamiliar with the severity of
    Chinese tradition as it relates to family and respect.  However,
    these gestures are intensely well received.  Russia’s Vladimir Putin
    can deliver nothing even remotely comparable to the charm of the
    granddaughter of the U.S. President singing for President Xi and his
    wife in their native tongue.

    Do not underestimate the value of these gestures and how it was
    perceived by the recipients as personal respect – far above the
    level of traditional political respect which would be customary
    during such encounters.   President Trump made this visit personal,
    and his words after the meeting were all personal, not positional.

    Whether or not people want to give President Trump credit for the
    approach, no-one should be able to challenge the outcomes all listed

    Grandfather President Trump has highlighted Grandfather President Xi
    as a person, not a political figure. Trump sets the relationship as
    personal, and with mutual human benefit.

    One thing is certain, North Korea will NOT make any hostile action
    toward the U.S. because President Trump has elevated President Xi to
    a role beyond politics in the words highlighted within Chinese
    media.  The panda fur has not only been stroked perfectly, it has
    been elevated in its own magnanimity without even so much as a bow.

    As a consequence it would now be a matter of personal disrespect for
    North Korea’s Kim Jung-un to take hostile action toward the U.S.
    President who has exhibited such personal respect to the regional

    *Three things appear odd:*#1) How no-one amid almost all media can
    see how effective this approach by President Trump has been; and #2)
    Nothing has been expended in order to achieve these remarkable
    results; and #3) Accepting all of the above, Donald Trump has
    planned this out for a long, long time.


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