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  Watch: Libs Jeer as Retired Marine Gen. Asks for Prayer at Townhall

By Wilmot Proviso <http://conservativetribune.com/author/chris-golden/>
on April 22, 2017 at 7:43am

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An opening prayer at a Republican congressman’s town hall 
<http://conservativetribune.com/democrats-scared-town-halls/> has caused 
quite a stir after liberal activists interrupted it by shouting, 
“separation of church and state!” over and over again.

According to Independent Journal Review 
Rep. Jack Bergman, a Republican, was holding the meeting in Gaylord, 
Michigan, on Thursday night. Bergman, a former three-star Marine general 
and an openly devout Christian, had asked Dr. Derek Hagland, an 
assistant pastor at local Grace Baptist Church, to say a prayer before 
the town hall commenced.

So, needless to say, liberal protesters 
<http://conservativetribune.com/anti-trump-protesters-shock-poll/> — 
many of them wearing the trademark “pussy” hats — stood up to drown the 
pastor out.

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Here’s the footage of the sickening incident.

First, it’s nice to see that these pink-hatted fools have such a fine 
grasp on just what “separation of church and state” means. It certainly 
doesn’t apply to an event held by a congressman in his district. Or do 
they believe that no politician should ever be able to express any 
religious sentiment in any context ever?

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Either way, these liberals aren’t standing up for anything, they’re just 
shouting down someone for their religious beliefs. Way to go.

Secondly, how do they think that this is helping their cause? They 
shouted down a pastor invited by the highest-ranking military member 
ever to serve in Congress. Do they think this is what’s going to get 
America to vote Democrat?

“This guy was giving invocation 
  Farahn Morgan, Rep. Bergman’s communication director, told Breitbart 
“He was not necessarily party affiliated in any way. That kind of 
reaction to him? It was the most aggressive that the crowd got during 
the entire event which was, quite honestly, shocking.”

The activists, she said, did not want “to engage in dialogue after 
months of demanding there be a dialogue. The display was upsetting for 
the constituents who attended and really wanted to participate in a 
dialogue and hear what the congressman thinks and share their thoughts 
with him in a constructive way. The activists’ behavior flew in the face 
of any constructive dialogue.”

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This part of the American left doesn’t want constructive dialogue, 
though. Their idea of constructive dialogue is them yelling and the rest 
of us listening. What happened in Michigan is yet more proof of this sad 


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