[Rushtalk] Ben Carson Is An Affirmative Action Hiree?!?

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Ben Carson (Getty Images) Ben Carson (Getty Images)

  NYC Councilman Says Ben Carson Is HUD Secretary Only Because He’s Black

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David Krayden
11:04 AM 08/22/2017

New York Councilman Jumaane Williams says Housing and Urban Development 
(HUD) Secretary Ben Carson was only appointed because he “has some 
melanin in his skin.”

Williams was a guest on “Tucker Carlson Tonight 
on Monday to respond to comments from California Rep. Maxine Waters, who 
vowed to go after Carson 
when he appears before her housing committee.

Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson asked Williams if he had “any 
evidence” for calling Carson an “affirmative action hire, a quota hire.”

“There, for me, seemed no other reason for a man who was clearly 
unqualified, had no experience in housing at all, whatsoever, and when 
you have the word ‘urban’ in it, to put someone with some melanin in his 
skin … that was reason enough for me.”

Williams went further, saying that Carson was part of a white 
supremacist agenda because “people who believe in neo-Nazism, people who 
believe in [white] supremacy support those [Trump] agendas, support 
those ideologies, support those polices, and Ben Carson is part of those 
who support it.”

Carlson asked Williams if he knew what McCarthyism was, because “that 
was smearing people unfairly with the beliefs of those they had nothing 
in common with.”

Williams claimed that Carson doesn’t “agree with anything that HUD is 
supposed to do” because he has said that poverty is a choice, is also 
“trying to roll back the fair housing program and “just recently he 
knocked down 40 buildings … and put 400 people into homelessness.”

Carlson asked Williams if the Republicans were to blame for the 63 
people were “shot in Chicago last weekend, almost all of them 

After Williams declared he would love to come back on the show and 
discuss “gun violence,” Carlson asked, “I wonder if anything that you’re 
saying improves the lives of anyone.”

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