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  /I may have to re-think my position on forced sterilization...../

  Obese Mom Let Her Kids Die Of Starvation: ‘There Was Only Enough Food
  For Me’

By tmzworldstar <http://tmzurban.com/author/tmzworldstar/>




A New Jersey mother has been arrested after all 3 of her young children 
were found dead in her home. The cause of death has been listed as 
malnutrition. The woman starved all of her kids because she said she 
could “only afford enough food” for herself.

“Look, ya’ll know I’m on the welfare. I ain’t got enough money coming in 
to feed my ass, plus all them damn kids. This ain’t no restaurant. I 
gotsta eat, and they just young kids. They didn’t need much anyway,” 
said Tawanda Grapes, 30. “This whole thing got me all fucked up, because 
I ain’t been able to eat in a couple hours now with all these cops 
asking questions and stuff.”

According to police, Grapes was only feeding her children “whatever was 
left” after her meals, which normally was not much more than a few drops 
of ketchup on the hamburger wrapper or the melted ice from a soda cup.

Police are saying it is it the worst case of child abuse that they have 
ever seen. The children, who were aged 2, 3, and 6, had not eaten in as 
many as 11 days, says the medical examiner.

Grapes will be charged with voluntary manslaughter. If convicted, she 
will face the death penalty.

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