[Rushtalk] Is Chicago Too Far Gone even for Trump to Clean Up?

John Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Fri Feb 17 18:47:43 MST 2017

The worst kept secret in America is what is going on in the city of 
Chicago right now. Violent crimes, including homicides, are way up and 
they show no signs of stopping. Already, in just the month of January, 
there were over 300 shootings in the Windy City.

Residents are fed up and asking for federal help from President Trump. 
For his part the president has tweeted about the out of control violent 
crimes in the city, showing he is aware of the precarious situation.

But is the city of Chicago too far gone, even for a law and order 
president like Trump to fix? Trump has already passed three legislative 
orders designed to fight crime since taking over the reins from 
President Obama. Find out more about how bad things have gotten in 
Chicago and what President Trump could do for the ailing city. 

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