[Rushtalk] Fwd: Famed Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein Says 'Trump is an Enemy of the Truth' [VIDEO]

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Thu Feb 23 09:15:06 MST 2017

The historical parallels and irony are rich.   Nixon's administration(LBJ's too) had a leak problem.    His efforts to stop the leaks started with a group of "plumbers".   Many events later a "deep throat" character is launching Bernstein on his path to fame.  Never mind how "deep throat"  acquired the info he passed on to a reporter. 
The story would not be about  "deep ear" spying on  a President.   The question "What did deep ear know and how did he know it?" would not have resonated as well.  Top priority was to (politically) assassinate the undesirable President.     45 years latter Bernstein hasn't changed.     Tom 

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    Famed Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein Says ‘Trump is an Enemy of the Truth’ [VIDEO] 
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