[Rushtalk] How the global warming fraud will collapse

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  How the global warming fraud will collapse

*By Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, December 18, 2016*


Writing in The Manhattan Contrarian 
Francis Merton predicts how the global warming thesis, still unable to 
account for a twenty year “pause” in its predicted temperature rise, 
will crumble, thanks to Donald Trump becoming president. Here are some 
of the most important points, but read the whole thing:

      Among members of the environmental movement, when their heads stop
    exploding, there are plenty of predictions that this will be
    terrible for the United States: international ostracism, loss (to
    China!) of "leadership" in international climate matters,
    <http://e360.yale.edu/feature/with_trump_china_stands_along_as_global_climate_leader/3057/> and,
    domestically, endless litigation battles stalling attempts to
    rescind or roll back regulations.  I see it differently.  I predict
    a high likelihood of substantial collapse of the global warming
    movement, both domestically and internationally, over the course of
    the next couple of years.

    Start with the EPA.  To the extent that the global warming movement
    has anything to do with "science," EPA is supposedly where that
    science is vetted and approved on behalf of the public before being
    turned into policy.  In fact, under Obama, EPA's principal role on
    the "science" has been to prevent and stifle any debate or challenge
    to global warming orthodoxy.  For example, when a major new Research
    Report came out back in September
    <http://manhattancontrarian.com/blog/2016/9/19/what-exactly-is-the-science-underlying-climate-alarmism> claiming
    to completely invalidate all of the bases on which EPA claims that
    CO2 is a danger to human health and welfare, and thus to undermine
    EPA's authority to regulate the gas under the Clean Air Act, EPA
    simply failed to respond.  In the same vein, essentially all
    prominent global warming alarmists refuse to debate anyone who
    challenges any aspect of their orthodoxy.  Well, that has worked as
    long as they and their allies have controlled all of the agencies
    and all of the money.  Now, it will suddenly be put up or shut up.

There could be a lot of interesting spectacles headed their (and our) way:

    Now the backers of the global warming alarm will not only be called
    upon to debate, but will face the likelihood of being called before
    a highly skeptical if not hostile EPA to answer all of the hard
    questions that they have avoided answering for the last eight years.
      Questions like:  Why are recorded temperatures, particularly from
    satellites and weather balloons, so much lower than the alarmist
    models had predicted?  How do you explain an almost-20-year "pause"
    in increasing temperatures even as CO2 emissions have accelerated?
      What are the details of the adjustments to the surface temperature
    record that have somehow reduced recorded temperatures from the
    1930s and 40s, and thereby enabled continued claims of "warmest year
    ever" when raw temperature data show warmer years 70 and 80 years
    ago?  Suddenly, the usual hand-waving ("the science is settled") is
    not going to be good enough anymore.  What now?

And then there is the matter of the precious “international community.”

    …people like Isabel Hilton predict
    combination of ostracism and "loss of leadership" of the issue, most
    likely to China.  Here's my prediction:  As soon as the United
    States stops parroting the global warming line, the other countries
    will quickly start backing away from it as well.  This is "The
    Emperor's New Clothes," with the U.S. in the role of the little kid
    who is the only one willing to say the obvious truth in the face of
    mass hysteria.  Countries like Britain and Australia have already
    more or less quietly started the retreat from insanity.  In Germany
    the obsession with wind and solar (solar -- in the cloudiest country
    in the world!) has already gotten average consumer electric rates up
    to close to triple
    <https://www.cleanenergywire.org/factsheets/what-german-households-pay-power> the
    cost in U.S. states that embrace fossil fuels
      How long will they be willing to continue that self-destruction
    after the U.S. says it is not going along?  And I love the business
    about ceding "leadership" to China.  China's so-called "commitment"
    in the recent Paris accord is not to reduce carbon emissions at all,
    but rather only to build as many coal plants as they want for the
    next fourteen years and then cease /increasing/ emissions /after
    2030/!  At which point, of course, they reserve their right to
    change their mind.  Who exactly is going to embrace that
    "leadership" and increase their consumers' cost of electricity by
    triple or so starting right now?  I mean, the Europeans are stupid,
    but are they /that/ stupid?

This sounds awfully plausible.  Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds 
<https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/?s=preference+cascade> calls a sudden 
collapse of a public opinion a “preference cascade.” In my view, global 
warming is overdue for a preference cascade that will shock people in 
its rapidity.

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