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Gee.... a negative article about Trump from a beltway insider....  go figure....  Tom
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>Donald Trump fighting all the way to the Oval Office
>US president-elect shows no sign of changing his abrasive ways as he
>prepares for office 
>about 6 hours ago 
> Simon Carswell Washington Correspondent 
>US President-elect Donald Trump will be the most unpopular of at least
>the last seven new presidents, according to a poll. Photograph: Dominick
>Reuters/AFP/Getty Images
>He has picked fights with a civil rights hero and a Hollywood icon,
>compared the alleged practices of the US intelligence agencies he will
>soon command to those of Nazi Germany, described the decades-old Nato
>security alliance as “obsolete” and criticised a long-time US ally,
>German chancellor Angela Merkel.
>This is all before Donald Trump has sworn the presidential oath and
>become the 45th president of the United States.
>Even victory and the prospect of taking the world’s most powerful office
>has not encouraged the brash property developer to temper his abrasive
>manner or ease up on his attacks. He has continued to use Twitter to
>savage his critics with belittling insults that are not becoming of a US
>It comes days before Trump will stand in front of an estimated 800,000
>people before the west face of the US Capitol and deliver an address
>that his predecessors have used to heal divisions and remind the
>American people of the common bonds that unite them after the rancour of
>a long and bruising presidential campaign.
>Some of the biggest protests associated with a presidential inauguration
>are being planned in response to Trump’s swearing-in, including the
>Women’s March on Washington. Organisers are expecting 200,000 to attend
>the event. Applications for at least 1,200 bus permits have been
>submitted to park at RFK Stadium near the US Capitol to transport the
>large numbers of people travelling into Washington for the event.
>Free-swinging attacks
>Against the backdrop of his free-swinging attacks, a boycott of his
>inauguration has grown among opposition politicians. At least 48
>Democratic members of Congress have said that they will not attend
>Trump’s inauguration. The size of the boycott, started by Georgia
>congressman and respected 1960s civil rights activist John Lewis,
>reflects the depth of the divisions between the parties in Washington.
>The president-elect’s response to Lewis’s assertion that the Republican
>was not a “legitimate president” because Russia helped the television
>celebrity’s election victory by hacking Democratic computers and leaking
>damaging information that “helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary
>Clinton” was textbook Trump.
>The incoming president alienated residents of the ninth largest city in
>the country, Atlanta, attacking Lewis for not spending more time fixing
>his congressional district “which is in horrible shape and falling apart
>(not to mention crime infested)”. He accused the congressman of being
>“all talk, talk, talk” and “no action or results”. He concluded his
>tweet with his signature put-down, “Sad!”
>The error of accusing a man who was arrested 40 times in his fight for
>civil rights and beaten by police during a protest march in Selma,
>Alabama in 1965 was seemingly lost on the next US president. Trump
>appeared even more tone deaf to the criticism coming two days before the
>country celebrated Martin Luther King Jr Day, a public holiday.
>While the public feud with Lewis and his fellow Democrats can be
>attributed to partisanship, Trump’s split with the country’s
>intelligence agencies could prove corrosive to the running of his
>The president-elect has blamed the intelligence community for leaking an
>unsubstantiated dossier of compromising and salacious information
>connecting him to the Russians. When outgoing CIA director John Brennan
>denied this and warned Trump to focus more seriously on national
>security issues as opposed to “talking and tweeting”, Trump doubled
>down, questioning whether Brennan himself was the leaker.
>Pugnacious tactics
>“Tell the families of those 117 CIA officers who are forever
>memorialised on our wall of honour that their loved ones who gave their
>lives were akin to Nazis,” the CIA director told the Wall Street Journal
>in an interview published on Monday.
>Trump has brought his pugnacious tactics, so effective on the campaign
>trail, into his transition to president. Like during the election, in
>the face of criticism, he comes out swinging. His unfiltered Twitter
>feed allows him to respond instantly to his 20 million followers.
>Geoffrey Skelley, a political analyst at the University of Virginia’s
>Centre for Politics, said that given how Trump’s combative style has
>worked for him so far he “may feel no need to change” but also he “may
>be incapable of acting any other way”.
>“Through the election cycle, many people wondered if Trump might shift
>his style if he won the GOP nomination and then wondered if he might do
>so if he won the election,” he said.
>“I think at this point we can safely say that Donald Trump isn’t
>changing his approach to politics just because he’s going to live at
>1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”
>The pre-election warnings about the risk of Trump’s thin-skinned
>temperament are proving accurate and his behaviour in the run-up to him
>taking office on Friday have not helped improved his standing.
>Trump will be the most unpopular of at least the last seven new
>presidents, according to a poll by ABC News and the Washington Post.
>Just 40 per cent of Americans approve of how he has handled his
>transition compared with 80 per cent for Barack Obama and 72 per cent
>for George W Bush.
>A poll by Quinnipiac University last week found that 64 per cent want
>Trump to shut down his Twitter account. That would, however, deprive him
>of a weapon that he shows no sign of relinquishing.
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